Katherine Mullin
Katherine Mullin
Business, Lifestyle, Negotiations, Vision, Strategic Planning, Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Staffing, Finance and Course Creator. 30+ years Business Owner, serving large corporations. Successful in grant applications, up to $17 million. I have served clients with budgets of $5,000 to $50 million. I don't not believe one can inspire or motivate another, I believe in providing insight. Bilingual, French and English. I help businesses so they can provide great jobs and their leaders can live balanced lives. I serve women to make sure when they are ready for more, they remember how much more then can offer themselves, their loved ones and society. I run a weekly bookclub, Think and Grow Rich For Women. Podcast Are You Stuck? inspired as a result of the years in business and life where one would show up and say "I'm stuck" when in reality they were never stuck it just felt that way.

Imagine a world where business leaders care about their people and people are doing what they love and helping others live their life by design. I help business leaders master four success philosophies Determine their Vision, Decide who they are and what they want, Focus on why they want it and sharing it and then what they need to do to Take Action with Confidence to Build Their Business By Design while living a balanced life.  I apply these same philosophies to help women that want more, they are typically over 35 and ready to refocus on their dreams so they can Live Their Life By Design and once a women is happy they have the ability, as a result of their nurturing nature to spread happiness and success to everyone in her world.  It is essential to know who you are behind the persona, one is more than the label of entrepreneur, women, man, aerospace or transportation company. The who I speak of is the heartbeat of a person or an organization. Then there is the what you want, in order to determine this we need to eliminate the distractions of what we used to be or do, what we do now and what we want in the future, we must decide and analyze what we really want for ourselves and/or our business.  Finally, we look for the why and the why I refer to is more than only looking at the why that impacts you or your business it is the why that you can influence, maybe one at a time, but you can make the difference, as I shared in my opening sentence. 

If you are a business leader with a commercial lease commitment I know how to help you match your business needs to your real estate requirements so you can save money and make informed decisions, understand your commitments and communicate effectively to your professional. The tools used are the ones that the real estate professionals use simplified. 

I am a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience in real estate, negotiations, business and life.


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Business, Focus and Confidence Coach
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