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Losing your mind is a choice.
Brain Health Coach, Vegan Nutritionist, Sound Therapist

Kate Kunkel turned her mother’s tragic illness and death from dementia into her mission in life. When she learned that this and most dementias were preventable, Kate expanded her healing work as a sound therapist and vegan nutritionist and became a brain health coach. She is also author of the best-selling “Don’t Let the Memories Fade”, a holistic guide to preventing dementia and creating a healthier, more vibrant future. 

Kate is also a podcast host, bringing in experts in their field from around the world to discuss Brain Health Matters

Kate brings twenty years of sound therapy, vegan nutrition and mindfulness teaching to guide her clients to better health.

Through her books, personal coaching, online courses and in-person retreats, Kate has helped hundreds of people recognize the mental and physical health issues that could lead them down the twisted road to cognitive decline. She guides them to create a healthier lifestyle to mitigate their risk and improve their memories and their lives. 
Kate dispels the myths that prevent people from making the changes that are necessary and guides them to a brain-healthy lifestyle.

Kate urges people to take control now, because it is never too early to look after your brain but, she warns, it can become too late.




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Brain Health with Mindfulness, Meditation and Music
As a brain health mentor specializing in dementia prevention, I stress the importance of a holistic approach to health - the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of self. 

This includes demonstrating  helping attendees harness the healing power of music, meditation and mindfulness to help nurture a healthier and more prosperous mindset, which leads to a healthier brain.

This also includes the importance of a healthy gut to ensure that the gut-brain connection is healthy, leading to a healthier brain and a more positive, successful mindset.

Attendees will learn:

Ways to easily incorporate music, mindfulness and meditation into a busy lifestyle 
How to develop and/or maintain a positive mindset to improve mental health and  nurture a healthier brain
Fun and easy ways to stay grounded while reaching for the stars in business and in life

Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Digestive Health Gut Health +5


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