Kat Halushka
Business Accelerator Coach
Having grown up in Russia, I approach business and life with a unique perspective from most of those around me. After moving to Canada, I did what everyone else was doing and worked at a ‘solid’ 9-5 job doing tech support. One day, as I arrived at work, something came over me and like a two-by-four to the head, it hit me: I am wasting my life.  

I knew I was meant for more than working for some company that didn’t appreciate me, where I felt I was making zero difference in the world. So I quit my job and took a stab at starting my own business and I built a 6-figure marketing agency from the ground up in less than a year.  

I then sold that agency to step even more into my true passion – helping entrepreneurs start and grow a business that supports the lifestyle they desire. I can see people’s potential before they even believe they have any, and I use that to help them create a high impact life and business. 

In the last 2 years I have been on over 200 stages and generated over 1 million dollars of revenue through these stages.  

When I’m not on a stage, I can be found nerding-out on tech tools, smashing it on the squash court, traveling the world or curled up reading with my gorgeous cat, Blondie. 


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Get 5 New Coaching Clients in the Next 30 Days Without a Website, Team or Ads
• You want to create consistent income in your coaching or consulting business.
• You are ready to get your business to $100k/year with one simple and scalable strategy that doesn’t require you being a techie or social media influencer.
• You have a burning desire to create impact in the world and help others

This workshop will help you to jump off the "entrepreneurial rollercoaster" and create a consistent flow of high paying clients. It will show you how to leverage your knowledge and expertise, create IMPACT in other people’s lives and create more PROFITS in your business so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. It will help you to stop putting in endless hours and spinning your wheels.

• A simple strategy you can use to scale your business past 6-figures
• Easily establish your creditability, authority to grow your income through speaking
• 4 Step system to easily generate leads and high paying clients
Business Client Attraction +1
3 Secrets to Getting More Coaching Clients Every Week...using a simple model WITHOUT a website, networking, social media or lots of time, money or a team
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
  1. How you can consistently generate high-paying clients, without worrying about competition and without spending money on advertising.
  2. The fastest way to grow your business past $100,000/year and focus on this single, simple, scalable strategy that doesn't require any tech or social media marketing.
  3. How this one strategy will let you work less and do more of what you truly love.
Client Attraction Marketing


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