Karen Fasulo
Karen Fasulo
Parenting Relationship and Mindset Coach | Breathwork Trainer
Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer, and Coach Certified D.S.I.C. Behavior Analysis Trainer Empowered Living Teaching Partner

Karen Anne Fasulo, is an International Speaker, Breathwork Trainer and Coach.  Karen found out when her daughter was 11, that she was Autistic and not just shy. She now draws upon her 20 years experience parenting a Neurodiverse child, and specializes in helping parents just like YOU navigate through the parenting stress and overwhelm to a happier, healthier, harmonious family life. 

Understanding our personality type, how we communicate, but most importantly, knowing how our children receive information is so important for communication.  The D.I.S.C. Behavior Analysis will help you better undeerstand and communicate with your family.

Breathwork has been a major part of her life and her children’s lives in managing stress, emotions, sleep patterns and overall health.  Karen is a certified Breathwork instructor and teaches not only how to use the breathwork techniques so you will feel better, but also explains the science behind it.  

Karen’s motto is in order to have a great relationship with your children, you first must have a great relationship with yourself.



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Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Self-Aware Children
Every parent wants to raise responsible, self-aware kids, so how do you pass on those skills to your children, especially when your child has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and/or Anxiety.  Any parenting books that have been written to help guide you along the way have been written for Neuro-typical brains and most likely won’t apply to your family.   Leaving you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and like you are failing as a parent.  These next proven 5 steps I am going to walk you through, will help you, the parent, overcome some of the mindset blocks that may be holding you back from raising responsible, self-aware kids.  
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