Karen Angelucci
Karen Angelucci
Health Creation Influencer and Body Centered Practitioner
Karen is a Body Centered Practitioner certified in Fitness a

Curiosity about the human body sparks Karen Angelucci's passion.  As a Health Creation Influencer trusted by clients for over twenty-five years, she helps you make body health simple.  By creating your health action plan with self-care skills, knowing who to go to for help care, and discerning what your healthcare needs are, you are empowered to care for your body so you can move, feel and live well and enjoy activities you love at any age.  

Karen has learned that it's possible to open the door to healing from the Inside/Out.  She emboldens you with skills to learn about your body, educates you to make choices to care for yourself, and inspires you to take action.   Pilates certified in 1995 and currently completing her Osteopathic training, she combines integrative health techniques as a Body-Centered Practitioner.  

As an international speaker, Karen engages her audience with experiences that guide them to a new awareness of their body   Her vision is to help you break through the fears you may have about your body, especially around aging, and to invest in the “birthright of your body" physically, emotionally and nutritionally.  

You can start to discover your individual health needs and create your health action plan by working with Karen individually, in a workshop/webinar, inviting her to speak at your event or you can be introduced to her in the chapters she's written as a best selling author.

Life is precious!  And your body is your motor home to take you where your heart desires.   Karen loves seeing people feeling good in their body, having a zest for life, and being active at all ages with the people they love!



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Body Health Made Simple
*Importance of creating a health action plan
*Discover which Health Practitioner is best suited for your individual needs 
*What to look for in your Health care treatment

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