Jude Sandvall
Jude Sandvall
Jude: The Divorced Dadvocate
As an Integrative Wellness & Life Transformation Coach and Integrative NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner Jude uses cutting-edge approaches to coaching dads. He will assist you in creating a crystal clear vision for your life after divorce, uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you, and leave you renewed, re-energized, and inspired. Jude achieves this through his customized 5-step process that he utilized in his own life and has successfully taught to other divorced dads.
Jude Sandvall is a divorced, single father of 3 children. His divorce and the subsequent years are a case study in facing and overcoming the most difficult challenges in learning to thrive during and after divorce including the court process, parenting skills, co-parenting, dating with kids and more!


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Fresh Start From Divorce
In this presentation you will learn to...

-Use your divorce as a doorway to a wonderful future
-Stop the desperation, fear and overwhelm
-Transition from being powerless to empowered
-Stop being codependent
-Gain emotional strength, stability and resiliency
Education Family & Parenting +2
Behaviors Communication +12


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