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I help small businesses stand out from the crowd
Certified Busienss Coach 2011 International Coach Academ

Over the last 35 years, Joe has lived on three continents and developed over 10 businesses in diverse industries, cultures, and languages.

Today Joe works with knowledge-based solopreneurs, micro-businesses, and executives who want to reach their business summit. He helps them close their knowledge gaps so they can build a profitable signature program and monetizing roadmap that is aligned with their dreams and revenue goals.

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Podcast appearances

Suggested Topics

  • Dial in the transformation you provide
  • Be a great podcast guest and increase engagement
  • Be Unique to Reach Your Peak
  • Business Lessons from Kilimanjaro
  • Build your business with podcast guesting

Suggested Questions

  • How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?
  • How have you’ve owned 10 businesses on three continents?
  • What were the three biggest mistakes you made in your business?
  • What do you mean when you say “create a signature program”?
  • How can we get more out of being a guest on podcasts?
  • Why is it important to stand out from the crowd?
  • How does your experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro relate to business?
  • How does being unique get more clients and more sales?
  • What is the biggest mistake you see solopreneurs making?
  • What are the three areas businesses need to focus on?

Topic Examples I can Discuss

  • Dial in the transformation you provide
  • Conduct frictionless sales calls
  • Be unique to reach your peak
  • Business lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro


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Grow your Business with Podcast Guesting

Learn how to get you Infront of your target audience more often by getting booked on more podcasts and using those speaking opportunities to increase engagement with your ideal clients.

Depending on the time allotted I can speak on all or some of the topics below.

  • Cultivate a positive mindset and set specific goals, so that you can confidently and intentionally set in motion your guest podcasting strategy
  • Create a list of podcast hosts who broadcast to your target audience, so that you can start cultivating relationships with them
  • Put together a pitch aimed at your target audience, so that podcast hosts are excited to interview you
  • Take action to get booked as a guest on your target podcasts, so that you can start getting your message out to the world
  • Set up the appropriate technology so that you come across as a professional podcast guest
  • Prepare yourself and your contribution in advance so that you feel confident and stay focused on the needs of the audience
  • Fulfill the conventions of a podcast guest so that you will perform professionally in all your interviews
  • Develop a helpful, appreciative, and professional relationship with your host so that you’ll be invited back for further interviews and get referred to other podcast hosts
  • Pick ways to use social media for maximum publicity so that you’ll attract more listeners to your interviews and more followers on your platforms
  • Choose how to capitalize on your podcast interviews and attract more leads long after the initial broadcast has taken place
  • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps so you can achieve your growth goals
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