June 2-3 | Business Growth Buffet: 2 Day Virtual Conference | Grand Connection
June 2-3 | Business Growth Buffet: 2 Day Virtual Conference | Grand Connection
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Organizer Susan Jarema
June 2-3 | Business Growth Buffet: 2 Day Virtual Conference | Grand Connection
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Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Fri, Jun 3, 2022 2:00 PM (6 days 7 minutes from now)


Based on our very popular marketing buffet last year, we are hosting a 2 day event. This larger event will be free for everyone to attend. This is an opportunity for members of the Grand Connection to showcase their expertise to a large audience and gain visibility through this massive collaborative marketing campaign.


About the Grand Connection
The Grand Connection is a supportive global community of like-minded business owners and professionals who care about each other and contribute value to the world. We offer education, visibility and inspiration through EDUnetworking to reach your Grand Potential. Connect, create and collaborate with like minded leaders who share the value of Grand Giving. Read more.


What is Grand Giving
Grand Giving is the underlying foundation of our three core values – connect, create and collaborate. It is through being in service in our community that we support each other and grow through sharing resources, skills, expertise, connections, referrals and opportunities. “Grand Giving” allows everyone to gain the most and win, win, win opportunities are created.


What you get as a Speaker:

  • Spotlight talk at the conference (5 minutes)
  • Share an offer at the conference and have your offer included in our post event email to our full list
  • Grand Interview Live stream to many social media channels
  • Inclusion in our full scale marketing campaign reaching over 600k
  • Inclusion in the Business Growth Buffet Flipbook (available for the full year to everyone)

Your marketing commitment:
Your commitment in this collaborative marketing event is to send 2 dedicated emails and share this on social media. 


Speaker Fees:

  • FREE for Grand Connection Annual Members
  • $49.99 for Monthly Members (fee waived if you get 25 signups) You can upgrade to annual or pay here.
  • $197 for non members (fee waived if you get 100 signups) or JOIN TODAY or pay here

Learn more about the Grand Connection here: https://grandconnection.ca/

Learn more about membership here: https://grandconnection.ca/gcmembers/join/


Event Description

Join us for the most delicious Grand Connection event of the year!

Bite-sized business education dishes will be provided by thought leaders from our own Grand Connection Community who will be serving their secret recipes for success.

This experiential event will take you on a rich five course business journey that will give you tastes of the many savoury flavours of business success. In between each course, we will have our breakout masterminds where we get the opportunity to connect, create and collaborate. 

After the buffet we invite you to stay for the after party to mingle and make more connections.

Hors d’oeuvre: Mindset
Appetizer: Inspiration
Main Course: Marketing
Dessert: Sales
Café & Questions: Expert Rooms for Q&A and to mingle

You’ll hear from more than 20 speakers giving valuable snack-size tips to fill your plate with new strategies, insights and practical tips to grow your business.

This event promises to provide sweet connections, zesty ideas and a large dash of inspiration!


Dates & Times
Dates: June 2-3, 2022

Time: 11 am to 2 pm PT
2pm-4pm ET

7pm-9pm BT (UK)

Location: Zoom
Price: Free for Everyone! 
Agenda: Marketing gems, networking, buffet of snackable tips, rooms to visit for Q&A at the end

You Never Know Who You Will Meet!
Members have made many lasting relationships in the group that have turned into collaborative ventures, podcast interviews, partnerships, referral partners and good clients! The opportunity is to meet with like minded businesses to share skills, receive advice and collaborate! Strategic alliances are essential to business growth. Join us on your Grand Adventure.


What to Expect:
The Grand Connection community is a welcoming group of like-minded businesses with a give to gain focus. At our networking events we connect, create, and collaborate by practicing introductions in small breakout groups and share ideas on a common theme. Between each round, you will have the opportunity to meet experts who will share valuable tips to help your business grow. You will get many opportunities to meet new business owners and fine tune your 30 second pitch in this fun, lively, structured event on zoom. Please have your camera, good lighting and microphone available. Practice your short introduction ahead and have a short write-up prepared to share in the chat. Bring your burning marketing questions!


Manifest Your ALL in Life & Business!
Amanda Slade Evolution Catalyst

YOU are meant to thrive and prosper in your life and business! You are here for a reason and have a mission to fulfill. However, many were taught, conditioned, and programmed that they had to “work hard for the money”, and to suffer and struggle in order to attain success. Not True! 

During this talk, you will …

  • Understand the science and spirituality of manifestation and the importance of clarification and focus upon your intentions
  • Learn what energetic blocks you may have to your money flow and prosperity
  • Discover ways to energetically align with your intentions and success

In addition, you will receive a Manifestation tool from Amanda’s proprietary Diamond Co-Creative System® as a gift to you! She will share with you how to use it, and how to increase your reach to your ideal clients or customers, to flourish in your prosperity, and to attain success in all aspects of your life and business. 


This is such a great way to up-level your business and set your Self up for expansion and success!

Why does Building Sacred Economies Matter?
Andrea Leigh Austin Building Sacred Economies in the World

Sacred Economies in the world is about bringing love and coherence back into business. 

In a state of greater coherence, we bring love to our creations from a place of wholeness rather than fear, scarcity, lack, and loss. In a state of greater coherence we are able to attract and succeed at deeper levels not only within ourselves but also with those that we serve.

During this time each of us is going to tune into what money means to us, how does it make us feel and why does it matter so you can tune into coherence for you.



Pricing: A Holistic and Embodied Approach
Bill Hershey Business Coach & Strategic Advisor

✹ Come to understand the concept of value pricing.
✹ Learn practical strategies and techniques for pricing for your services. 
✹ Discuss mindsets that help to form a healthier relationship with pricing, money and business.

Business Financial services
Psychology Accounting Services +1
Tickle Their Funny Bone: Use Humor to GrowYour Business
Bonita Joy Yoder Humor Alchemist™

During this presentation you will: 

  1. discover myths of using humor in your business
  2. learn the benefits of humor in business and
  3. explore  some practical tips for using humor in business

By embracing humor in your business, you can: 
Increase conversion of leads and higher revenues. It has been said that “Funny is money”. If you engage your prospects more whether in person or on Facebook, more of your leads convert to sales. Sales results in greater revenue for the company.

Build relationships: Laughter helps bond with your prospect, customer, employee and others in business relationships. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Humor helps accomplish all three.

Increase the retention of the listeners: audiences listen more to presentations, videos and online video courses that include humor. Better listening leads to better retention of the material.

Keeping audiences awake and engaged in meetings and presentations: audiences tend to tune out. Watching a “skateboarding cat” on a phone can be more engaging than a dry, boring speaker. Humor helps keep the listeners engaged.

Boost Morale : Face it, employee retention is a big concern among businesses. A fun workplace leads to happier employees, less employee turnover and less downtime.

Entertainment & Art Marketing
Mindset Business Growth +1
How Free Content Converts to Paying Clients
Bonnie Chomica The Content Creation Mentor

Do you ever wonder why you need to bother creating free content?

If you want people to buy from you, you need to be visible, and build that all important know, like, and trust factor. In this session, you’ll discover 

  • How producing free content can lead to paying clients
  • Essential steps necessary to create engaging content consistently
  • Mistakes you must avoid so you can ensure a successful content strategy

Transform your content creation into a more results-oriented strategy, so you become the sought-after authority in your niche, and put more money in your wallet.


Business Marketing
Communication Marketing +6
Joy is the New Currency - Especially in a Chaotic World
Cheryl Brewster Brewster Business Intuitive, Joy Coach & Speaker

Great courage is required to leave the known for the unknown. Faced with change and uncertainty, “negativity bias” can easily take over, leaving you feeling immobilized, shrinking your bottom line and your self-esteem.

But there is hope!

Cheryl teaches proven techniques to quickly and easily transform holdbacks and setbacks into critical stepping stones of success. When we have fun, we get more done. You were meant not just to survive, but to stay fully alive in all of life's challenges. THAT's The Intuitive Life - the ability to say YES to life, no matter what.

Health & Well-being
3 Non-Negotiables You Need to Focus on Daily to Exponentially Grow Your Business
Christine Campbell Rapin CEO & Business Success Coach

So many business owners wear the badge of being “busy” and think that hard work and hustle are what it takes to grow a business. HINT: This false belief is what is causing you to feel overwhelm and exhaustion without the progress you are looking for. 


What if you could build your business in less time with less stress and more impact? 


YOU CAN, when you know what actions to focus on that actually lead to client growth and create opportunity. 

Come to this presentation to learn the 3 non-negotiables you need to focus on daily to see exponentially grow your business and create new opportunities. 


IMPLEMENT these 3 non-negotiables daily to transform the trajectory of your business growth.

Business Leadership +1
Business Personal Growth +10
3 Essential Ingredients To Supersize Your Income
Dagmar Fleming Success Catalyst

If you struggle with inconsistent revenue… if you’re fighting too hard to get new customers… if you feel like you’re not making the money you want and deserve… then you might be missing the 3 key ingredients to a supersized income. Learn how to beat three potential success saboteurs that keep you stuck below your revenue potential. You'll leave fired-up, focused, and equipped with easy strategies to rocket your business forward and achieve levels you’ve never hit before.  

Business Mindset
Business Mindset +10
Flip Your Script For Real Communication Breakthrough
Dave Howard eLearning Re-evolutionary

Learn to create flipbook messages that increase your audience impact. The key principles are: Get your audience's attention - a wall of words won't do that but a flipbook design will. The popularity of carousel posts on social media prove that. Get your audience to interact with your message - this is the secret superpower of a flipbook. Your audience is in control so you have greater impact. Provide  a learning experience. A transformation so your audience knows, believes or can do something different after your message. That will deeply impact them. Building these deep value relationships lead to your sales success.

Business Education +1
Client Attraction Lead Generation +10
Do You Have a Toxic Mind?
Denise Belisle Serenity Expert and Positive Intelligence Specialist

When the spring comes we often think about "Spring Cleaning". 

We clear out our garden, refreshed the house, wash the windows, and so on. We often decide to do cleanses for our bodies. There is juice, water, and vegetarian detox. 

What about mental detox. When are we taking the time to make a big clean-up of our brain. 

In this workshop, I am going to give you tips and tools to help you eliminate the thoughts and patterns that are not needed anymore. 

Let's do a Mental Spring Cleaning together.

Business Health & Well-being +1
Personal Development Mindset +14
What's Stopping You in Your Business and WHY?
Dr. Barnsley Brown President, Spirited Solutions

A) Come find out the five most common action stoppers in business and a potent antidote, the TACC formula, to get you moving forward FAST!

B) Which action stopper do you fall prey to in your business and which parts of the TACC antidote formula are you missing?  How will you remedy this?

C) Use the questions above for the workbook.

Stand Out From The Crowd and Capitalize On Your Uniqueness
Joe Joe Business Transformation Gapologist

Your impact will be greatest and your business will thrive when you embrace your unique talents, personality, and character. You also have a unique set of KEEs (Knowledge, Experience, Expertise) that sets you apart and makes you exceptionally suited to solve specific problems and/or offer solutions that only you can offer.

This brief presentation will reveal how you can stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal clients. The associated PDF will provide a structured step-by-step process to help you identify and refine your differentiating factor.

Put Your Small Business on Autopilot and Watch Your Profits Skyrocket!
Katrina Sawa Int'l Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and CEO of JumpstartYourBizNow.com and JumpstartPublishing.net

Are you constantly struggling in your business to find clients or are you working way too hard for not enough profits?  

You CAN automate and delegate much of what you’re doing and still be interacting personally and building quality relationships in order to attract more of the right kinds of ideal prospects. When you put your business on autopilot your business can literally run without you when you’re gone, want to take a vacation, get sick or have an emergency come up. Come learn a better way to start, grow, run and market your business.


Business Marketing +2
Marketing Business +7
Create Your Own Personal Positive Mindset
Permelia Parham Certified Body Code Practitioner

In this presentation, participants will learn the definition mindset; be able to identify what type of mindset they have and learn techniques to support a positive mindset. 

Get a Book Deal with a Publisher
Randy Peyser Book Broker and Editor

Randy will tell you exactly what you need to know to get a literary agent or publisher to offer you a contract.

You will find out:

  • What topics are hot and what’s not.
  • The quickest way to get an agent or publisher to stop in their tracks.
  • The 1 thing to absolutely not do if you are serious about getting a publishing contract.
  • How to get cover endorsements when you don’t know anybody who’s famous.
  • Details about your writing that publishers always look for.
  • The biggest questions publishers ask before they make a buying decision.
  • How to title your book to maximize your sales potential
  • The Pros and Cons of traditional publishing versus Self-Publishing

Related Activity for Breakout Room: Instructions will be given in the quick talk regarding writing a memoir or “how-to” book. Participants will discuss which is best for them.

Publishing Services
The Secret Sauce for Success through Memorable Connections
Sandy Goe Connection Catalyst

A) DISCover the secret sauce for success through taking action and making Memorable Connections, developing Memorable Relationships, and being a Memorable Leader.  

B) What are the top 3 things you did at your last event to make it memorable?

C) Reach out to 3 new connections this week and make it memorable: take authentic interest in what THEY are doing and offer them encouragement. Create WARM connections that may lead to future collaborations or future client prospects.

How to Sell Your SELF without Selling Your SOUL.
Steve Brossman The Sales Innovator

The 3 Key Steps to finding your real PURPOSE and consistently have clients ASK TO BUY. 

How to Show Up Powerfully When You Network
Terilee Harrison Networking Trainer/Coach

A) You will learn how to show up more powerfully when you network:

  1. How to increase your referrals by asking BIG
  2. Who to build profitable collaborative relationships with
  3. Top strategies to reach out to referral partners

B) Who is a good power partner for you? 


5 Must Do Conversion Secrets to Shift Your Marketing
susan jarema jarema President New Earth Marketing

take my bio from the giveaway from me only

Marketing SEO +1