Jessica Hritz Morrick
For over 20 Years ~ Principal, Professional Organizing and Mindset Coach, 'The Intentional Organizer,' Motivational Speaker, Women's Empowerment Coach
Over 21 years creating customized systems and intuitive solutions for clients, 'Happy For No Reason' Certified Trainer

For over two decades, Jessica Hritz Morrick, 'The Intentional Organizer,' has been helping women face and overcome their feelings of overwhelm, stress and hopelessness caused by the effects of living and working with clutter, and the confusion and disarray it causes. She has helped hundreds of women as a Professional Organizer and Motivational Coach using her unique mindset tools and powerful tips. Her highly-intuitive sessions will propel you towards the next-level in your life, your organizing solutions and business goals. Do you feel frozen, unable to begin or know where to start? Does it feel this way in your business-life too? She will respond to your specific, individual needs to create custom systems regarding clutter-management, de-stressing, getting unstuck and moving-forward in your life in an easy and relaxed manner. Jessica Hritz Morrick is a Professional Organizing and Mindset Coach, Women's Empowerment Coach, and is one of Marci Shimoff's 'Happy For No Reason' Certified Trainers. She is happily married, enjoys nature photography and loves working with clients across the United States, in the U.K. and Australia. 

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The Mindset of Clutter and How to Create Calm, Organized and Relaxing Space
Clutter can feel overwhelming, cause ongoing confusion and can create a 'stalling effect' in moving forward in your life. We will get into the Mindset of Clutter and how you can find solutions that work precisely for you. Each person has their own reasons for clutter; how did it begin, where did it come  from , why it stays and keeps you feeling stuck, and therefore you need to be treated as the individual you are and not be given a cookie-cutter approach.

. What you will learn from Jessica:
  • Why live an uncluttered life? Some reasons may surprise you.
  • The Mindset of Clutter and what stops us?  
  • What can we do about it?  Aka, I am not 'perfect' or super-tidy, is there really a solution?
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