Jesse Krieger
Jesse Krieger
Chief Content Officer
Jesse Krieger is the founder and publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press and Chief Content Officer for Jesse sits squarely at the intersection of publishing and promotion, helping authors successfully launch their book and use it as their best business development tool, bringing in clients they love and exciting new opportunities. Jesse has been an entrepreneur and voracious reader his entire adult life, holding degrees from UC Berkeley, Beijing Normal University & National Taiwan University. When not publishing books, Jesse enjoys gardening, good food and dinner parties at his home in Las Vegas.

Jesse Krieger is the co-founder and Chief Content Officer for where he helps authors, creators and artists mint and market NFT collections


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NFTs and The Future of The Creative Economy
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and blockchain technologies power the future of commerce on the internet and democratize access to computing power, value exchange and creative expression. 

Learn the basics of the blockchain, how to mint and market NFTs and how to leverage Web 3.0 technology to position your business at the front of the transformational wave sweeping through society and the global economy. 

We will also go into intermediate and advanced strategies to craft NFT collections, ensure sold-out launches and incentivizing your community to engage and transact value in creative new ways under your leadership as the entrepreneur and innovator.


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