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Jeanne Yohn: Inspiring Career & Motherhood Harmony

Jeanne Yohn is a transformational coach and engaging speaker with over 30 years of experience inspiring and motivating audiences.

​As a working mom, Jeanne achieved the vice president level in the highly male dominated industry of pharmaceutical sales while raising two boys with her husband.  She understands the challenges of working moms that desire to advance in their careers yet fear the impact on their family. After years of working with and coaching other high performing working moms, as well as researching their needs, Jeanne has developed an approach to address the REAL needs of working moms.  

It is now Jeanne's passion to share with women and working moms that they can create harmony between a successful career and being a great mom.  She shows them that it is largely their own limiting beliefs that is creating their challenges both at home and at work.  With humor and great stories, Jeanne leaves her audience inspired AND equipped with practical, useful tools that creates meaningful change for women and working moms. 








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