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James D. Feldman,CSP is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and advisor known for his expertise in change management, customer service, and competitive differentiation. With a thought-provoking, learn-by-doing presentation style. 

James has motivated hundreds of thousands worldwide to shift how they think, not what they think. He is a transformational Growth Advisor, helping organizations succeed with new ideas, innovative initiatives, inside-the-box tools, and actionable results leveraging the power of ChatGPT.

As an advisor, James works with entrepreneurs, trade associations, tourism organizations, and customer-centric companies to help them discover new opportunities and revitalize their future. With a successful track record in innovation, customer engagement, and performance management, James has a unique ability to incubate organizations' problems and discover real-world solutions that have a positive impact.

In addition to his expertise in these areas, James has uncovered the epidemic of romance dating scams, leading to his latest signature talk, "Hooking a Catfish: Hook, Line and Stinker." His vast knowledge and experience make him a sought-after speaker and consultant for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve.

James is not for the timid or those who like to follow standard operating procedures. Instead, he provides the tools to increase the effectiveness of an organization's efforts, ensuring they are doing the right things and significantly increasing their results. With 16 books to his name, James' extensive knowledge and wide range of experiences are reflected in his work, making him a valuable asset to any organization looking to thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape.

His thirst for knowledge didn't stop at his education; he has since imparted wisdom at multiple colleges and universities.

  • Change Management: Author of 16 groundbreaking books on change, including the highly-acclaimed "Shift Happens: Think Inside The Box Using 3D Thinking."
  • Strategic Leadership: A visionary who crafts transformation strategies that align precisely with business vision and organizational goals.
  • Technological Innovation: An early adopter of transformative technologies, James empowers organizations to modernize and innovate.
  • Global Impact: A driving force in business, technology, and architecture choices for large, international, complex organizations. He has helped deliver over $3 billion in incremental revenue using his 'inside the box' solutions.
  • Recognition: Awarded as "One of The Most Innovative Persons in the 21st Century" by Incentive Magazine.
  • Speaking Engagements: A charismatic speaker, James has addressed a global audience, covering topics ranging from innovation and AI to customer engagement and performance management.

Beyond his corporate persona, James is also a gourmet cook, an artesian chocolatier, and a wine pairing and food expert. He's not just about improving businesses; he's about making life more prosperous.

A guardian of ethics, James is also a romance scam expert committed to helping others avoid being defrauded, ensuring security in both the corporate world and personal lives.

James D. Feldman isn't just about theories; he's about actionable change. James offers a single-source solution that delivers certainty in an uncertain world for anyone looking to revitalize, reinvigorate, and reimagine their future.


  • Actionable End Results
  • Integration of new technology
  • Strengthening Customer Relationships
  • Building and elevating Customer Experiences
  • Innovative, Strategic, Break-Through Initiatives
  • Inside the Box problem-solving tools and techniques
  • Creating a more comprehensive Sales and Marketing approach
  • Determining why you're losing Employees, Customers, and Market Share
  • Productivity adding new Operational and Performance Measures that accelerate efficiencies
  • Creating a company-wide communications platform that strengthens Leadership, Team Building, and Continuous Improvement.

He advises companies to build strong, customer-centric, innovative organizations that deliver transformational growth to achieve goals, overcome challenges, and think ‘inside the box' to solve problems.

James' motivating message is exactly what your people need to get past uncertainty and indecision into action that gets positive results. 

  • All of his presentations are customized to the specific needs of your audience, and his core topics are focused on how to think, not what to think.
  • You get fired up, productive people, and you’ll look like a hero. 
  • More importantly, you’ll see positive results long after the conference.


Apple Computer, Inc., Hewlett Packard,  Hyatt Corporation, American Honda, AT&T, Audi of America, Inc., AVON, BASF, Caesar Resorts, Clairol Inc.,  Foxwoods Resort and Casino,  Frito-Lay, Inc., Kohler, Lexus, Los Cabos Tourism Board, Mandalay Bay, Marquis Los Cabos, McDonald's, MGM Resorts, Microsoft Corporation,, Robert Mondavi Winery, Neutrogena Corporation, Puerto Rico Tourist and Convention Board, Porsche Cars, Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation, Red Lobster, San Juan Board of Tourism, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., United Artists, United States Department of Defense, Verizon, Volkswagen of America, Inc.,  Walt Disney Productions, Wynn Las Vegas, Xerox, 3M


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