Jadi Kindred she/her/hers
Bestselling author of Intuitive Business Connections

Canadian-born author, Jadi Kindred, is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and business coach. She founded Accent Unique Inc. in 2011, a language school for business professionals, and has over a decade of experience teaching English as a second language. She won the Young Entrepreneurship Award at her local Chamber of Commerce and was chosen twice to represent Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneur's Alliance summit. 

Jadi is the author of Intuitive Business Connections (Canadian Amazon Bestseller), where she writes about growing a business from zero to six figures in an intuitive way. The book includes chapters titled: Definition of Success, Daily Habits that Change Everything and 101 Dream List. She is a world-traveller, young entrepreneur, and now Intuition and Empowerment coach for living a more intuitively, balanced, and joyful life. She is passionate about work/life freedom, entrepreneurship and having a location independent job. She runs her online language school from Costa Rica during the winter months. 


Jadi also holds wellness and yoga/meditation retreats at her lakefront home in Quebec, Canada and enjoys her free time reading, meditating, swimming, dancing, and being in nature.

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