Jacquie McKinney Rougeau
CEO Senior Director @ Epicure

Jacquie Rougeau is passionate about good food, healthy living, and positively impacting others' lives. She is a vibrant leader nurturing and challenging her team to develop, achieve and exceed their goals. She is a fun-loving mom with three adult children and is also a "Mamere" to four entertaining grandchildren. 

After dealing with the devastating ending of her 33-year marriage, she focused on her growth to eventually become unapologetically herself. Jacquie rose and grew through the pain. She harnessed her growth to kick life up into full gear. She has transformed her "hobby" business to become a Senior Director in Epicure, leading a large team of consultants both in Canada and the United States. She loves going live and teaching cooking classes in her VIP Customer Group: 

Jacquie is in her second chapter after transitioning from a successful career in the banking industry. As an enthusiastic traveler, Jacquie has proven that her business success doesn't mean sticking close to home. She is jumping into the RV lifestyle, eager to explore North America. You can see her RV at 

Jacquie won't be alone on her adventures: her love joins her; he is her partner in crime through all things fun and challenging and is her biggest supporter. She is profoundly grateful for the life she has created. Jacquie's love of life comes through, no matter what she is doing, from hanging with her children and grandchildren, experiencing travel adventures, or working her Epicure business. Jacquie plans to continue her cooking classes from her RV, be assured that fun, laughter and love will continue to be her signature style. 


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