Jackie Maclean
Jackie Maclean
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Creator of the Alcohol Freedom Formula
Clinical Hypnotherapist CHt.; Master Hypnotist MH.; Author; Host of Radio Show - 'Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life'; Creator of the Alcohol Freedom Formula; World's No. 1 Expert on Accelerated Addiction Removal Technique; Distinguished Toastmaster, Founder of Award-winning program - feeding the homeless in Vancouver's downtown Eastside, Canada's poorest urban postal code.

Jackie Maclean helps successful professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who quietly struggle with food, drug & alcohol addiction. 

As an experienced, professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and creator of the Addiction Freedom Formula, Jackie has been practicing for 16 years. 

She works globally to help leaders overcome addictions & stop destructive behaviors quickly and begin to live healthy, happy lives. 

By increasing their ability to focus and up-level their energy, she helps her clients: 

•     gain confidence and increase productivity 

•     feel comfortable with work volume 

•     overcome negative habits 

•     Balance life and family 

When leaders learn how to navigate through their addiction, their impact on others is remarkable! 


Jackie Maclean grew up in Mumbai, India in an abusive environment. Alcoholism was rampant in her family – her father, brother, other family members.  This experience in those formative years, affected her greatly and motivated her to learn how to help others overcome addiction.  She is a master at using hypnosis to help you rewire your brain for success. 



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How to Rewire Your Brain for Health & Happiness
 In this presentation, you will learn…
a.   how hypnosis can give you a boost in performance, improve efficiency and help you make changes you desire very quickly including creating a profitable business and a happy life. 
b.  How to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, gain more confidence, avoid procrastination and stop unsupportive habits such as nail biting and phobias such as fear of flying and claustrophobia. 
c.   why practicing Self Hypnosis is a simple technique to help you create changes in all aspects of your life - become strong and energetic, lose weight and get to your desired body shape and size quickly, even eliminate physical discomfort and pain. 


Education Health & Well-being +3
Abundance Behavior Modification +6


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