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Interstellar expert in creative lead generation

Jonathan Schlossberg is an award-winning marketer, business strategist, protessional actor, and dad or four.

Co-founder of quud marketing, he grows businesses with fun strategies so their clients make more money and have more time for what matters.


My Speaking Topics

#1 - Connection, Confidence, and Closing - Improving Your Sales Processes

#2 - Sales, Systems, + Growth Strategies for Teams of One

#3 - Always Be Confident: Sales Strategies for a Crowded Marketplace


👉 Want a dynamic husband and wife combo, here's some of what we speak about together:


Joint Speaking Topics

#1 - Scaling Your Business and Your Family: Married Entrepreneurship with Jonathan and Sascha Schlossberg

#2 - Easy Revenue Growth: Simple, Fun Strategies for Growing Your Business and Your Life with Jonathan and Sascha Schlossberg

#3 - Reinventing Providership: Marriage and Parenting as a Stay at Home Entrepreneurs


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