Gretchen Richards

Gretchen Richards founded Dynamic Business Capabilities to help improve the small business success rate. 

She really wants to help business owners grow thriving businesses - ones with happy employees and customers, ones that runs smoothly and profitability.

Small business are underserved by the management consulting industry.  Many management consulting companies only focus on larger companies with established systems and structures. It is a trickier problem to create the systems as you deliver to your clients. 

Gretchen started her career working at larger companies. She has made significant impact at Fortune 500 companies. For MCI telecommunications, she helped build the team, processes and products that brought in $2 billion of their $6 billion in yearly revenue. For a Sprint, she managed the enhanced network elements for the first GSM mobile network in the United States.

She used the skills from her experiences building those high-profile, high-performance systems and supporting processes to help small companies successfully grow. She worked as management consulting, helping many clients understand and improve the way systems and processes. 

Gretchen, spent many years working for small business. In CIO/COO level positions, she successfully helped companies increase profits and revenues getting them to the next level. She helped one company grow 10x, from 17 employees to 170 employees in 4 years. 

Growth requires great customer and employee retention, consistent and reliable product/service delivery and effective operations for increasing profits and improving cash flow.  

Gretchen blends her management experience in building teams, processes and customer bases with her technical experiences to help companies optimize their operations and execution. She works with businesses to find approaches that work for their companies, their cultures and that are aligned with their values. 


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