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CEO, Founder

Gretchen Richards, founder of Dynamic Business Capabilities LLC, brings technical and management expertise with over 25 years of combined experience.

Gretchen has worked across multiple disciplines including telecommunications, software product development, custom software development, government consulting and management consulting.

She has made significant impact at Fortune 500 companies. For MCI, she helped build the team and processes for their network elements bringing in $2 billion of their $6 billion in yearly revenue. For Sprint, she managed the enhanced network elements for the first GSM mobile network in the United States.

She used the skills from her experiences building those high-profile, high-performance systems and supporting processes to help small companies successfully grow.

Gretchen, in CIO/COO level positions, successfully helped companies increase profits and revenues getting them to the next level. Growth requires great customer and employee retention, consistent and reliable product/service delivery and effective operations for increasing profits and improving cash flow.  Gretchen blends her management experience in building teams, processes and customer bases with her technical experiences to help companies optimize their operations and execution.


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