Grace Mosgeller
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Increase Impact and Generate More Revenue w/ Heart Integrity
MIndset & Emotional Transformation Healing Specialist

Grace is a mindset & emotional transformation healing coach.   She is passionate about inspiring women entreprenuers to impact more people and create more revenue with the silent power of an authentically aligned heart and soul. 

She's been passionate about personal growth & spiritual healing for over 25 years and holds many certifications in life mastery & coaching, mindset & emotional transformation along with Reiki & Full Spectrum Energy Healing. Her years of experience helping herself and other women entreprenuers flourish beyond survival has led her to pioneer a simple, very effective and quietly powerful system of self healing & transformation.  She has a gift of empowering women to fearlessly grow their businesses and bottom line with the steadfast strength of an aligned heart and soul. .
Grace's Sample Topics

  • How to Sell More With Integrity and an Authentic Heart
  • The Freedom To Expand Your Business Beyond Survival
  • How To Forgive Yourself & Move On From Past Business Mistakes
  • Why Heart & Soul Selling Is a Must-Have Business Tool 
  • How To Speak Authentically & Go Off Script

Grace's Wishlist of Speaking Opportunities

  • as a podcast guest
  • at women's business, networking, wellness or spiritual summits
  • destination spiritual, wellness or writing retreats