Gillian Lockitch
Dr. Gillian Lockitch
Online global business in health and epigenetic anti-aging Retired medical specialist in Pediatrics/Medical Biochemistry Author: Growing Older Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully and the Art of Retiring Comfortably Founder of The Growing Older Living Younger Project
Dr. Gillian Lockitch is an international speaker,  author of Growing Older, Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully and The Art of Retiring Comfortably, and host of the Growing Older, Living Younger Podcast.  As a dual-certified Specialist in Paediatrics and Medical Biochemistry and  Professor  at the University of British Columbia, her professional career was deeply rooted in science. During her rehabilitation from life-saving emergency spinal surgery, her passion to be able to dance again led her to explore the intersection of medical and epigenetic science with non-Western healing traditions, to understand how to change aging at the cellular level. Having developed her successful personal Road Map for Aging Youthfully, she founded the Growing Older, Living Younger Project. Retired from medical practice, she does not now prescribe for, diagnose or treat medical conditions but instead helps others find their personal Road Maps to extend their Healthspan through changing aging at the cellular level.
Aligned with this mission, she is an entrepreneur with a global online business in aging gracefully and youthfully, helping others stay well, vibrant, and build their own entrepreneurial, passive income,  financial futures. 


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Five Essential Keys to Choosing The Best Network Marketing Company for You
On her 70th birthday, when Dr. Gillian Lockitch decided to become an entrepreneur in a health, wellness and anti-aging business, it was sheer luck that she partnered with a company leading the industry in epigenetic anti-aging science and found a heart-centered, supportive team of mentors. Since then, approached frequently by other entrepreneurs eager to recruit her to their opportunity, she developed her system of 5 Critical Keys to evaluate these financial vehicles against the company she remains with today.
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