Eveline Gwynn
Eveline Gwynn
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Eveline Gwynn is the Chief Operating Officer for Samech Freelance Writing. She helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, authors, and thought leaders become known as experts in their fields. She speaks about increasing your visibility through the use of LinkedIn, social media campaigns, content creation, workshops, high-end programs, webinars, and book writing.

She has had many successful leadership roles including, teaching at the JR Shaw School of Business and the International School of Business at the Northern Institute of Technology. She uses her skills as a writer, project manager, and business leader to turn your ideas into engaging and powerful content that resonates with your prospects.

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The Nine Word Email

In this presentation, we are going to look at an easy, yet effective way to follow up with prospects using a technique known as the nine-word email. The concept of the nine-word email was developed by real estate investor Dean Jackson to re-engage inactive clients, not yet ready clients, and dormant leads. This is one of the most natural and effective email strategies you will ever use.

A recent workshop participant described it as being, a “fresh new approach to email and email sequences.” KF

It is definitely a simple way to personalize your warm email prospecting and bring more conversations to you!

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