Eva Raposa
Eva Raposa
Shining Mom's Authentic Light to Guide Her Family.

Eva's works with the most influential women on Earth… Moms!

Eva is changing family dynamics to become more accepting of individual strengths and unique contributions offered by each family member, and less about mom doing everything for everyone and getting burnt out.

Speaking Interests:

Eva would love to be interviewed on any of the following topics.  And may also be interested in being on stages or in summits to have talks on these topics. 

  • Parenting Potential
  • Qigong
  • Max-My-Time with Numerology
  • Plant-Based Family Nutrition


Customized Support Packages:  Eva gets permanent results for her clients and offers a $100 affiliate fee for promoters whose referral buys a package.

Parenting Potential” app: Eva is looking for JVs to be added to her app directory list.  This is for people who provide value to parents in their own unique way and can promote themselves to their own list as a featured expert.  She is also looking for JV affiliate offers to promote.  

Signature Course:  Eva is a certified Qigong Instructor.  Her upcoming course launch for, "Instant Calm Mom" initiates the healing process.  

Giveaway an invitation to the “Intro to Instant Calm Mom – Webinar. Attendees will experience Qigong and gain greater understanding of the benefits. They will also receive an Early Bird Discount to “The Instant Calm Mom Course.”  (Affiliate program pending.) 

Giveaway “The Successful Scheduler:Reduce wasted time by knowing ahead-of-time what to expect in any given day.