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Transformational Sales Strategist
30 years of Sales experience. The gift to break down selling

Erika Vassell is a transformational sales coach and founder of the Blessing Method, a 5 step system to attract pre-qualified leads and turn them into repeat clients. With 30 years of business and sales experience, she has owned several successful businesses from Salons to restaurants and Direct Sales. She has helped thousands of people with her expertise in business and sales strategy. She has often been referred to as

The Queen of Non-pushy Sales.


Erika has been married for 18 years to a former Naval Submarine Officer and is a Mom of 2 active girls. They currently live in Maryland outside of Washington DC. The family loves to laugh, travel, and create food allergy-friendly recipes.


Not only does she have a background in sales but also an understanding of how life can change in an instant, having suffered 3 Traumatic Brain Injuries and multiple autoimmune diseases including MS. She understands what it is like to live with challenges and to push yourself out of your comfort zone, Erika believes her challenges have been her greatest gifts as she can help business owners make the most out of every opportunity and fall in love with the sales process again.



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