Emma Viglucci
Founder & Director, Relationship Expert, Couple Therapist

Emma K. Viglucci, is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and the Founder & Director of Metropolitan MFT, PLLC. Emma is dedicated to the wellness and success of partners and couples assisting them create their radiant and successful relationship/s and meaningful lives.


Emma believes that strong couples create joyful, loving and nurturing homes providing a wonderful environment for children to thrive. Emma’s Mission is to help partners become strong couples and create enriching homes for the future leaders of our world…


Emma has been practicing for over 20 years and is dedicated to creating innovative and progressive practices and programs to help couples success at their relationships and their lives.




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You CAN Create the Relationship You Desire
Tired of feeling stuck, fighting, not getting your needs met, feeling disconnected and lacking support in your relationship? 

Come learn the 5 Elements of the Successful Relationship Strategy™ to help you start making the changes needed to create the relationship you want. You CAN create a radiant and successful relationship! 
🌟 Context & Mindset - Learn how to get unstuck, set better boundaries and empower yourself 
🌟 Communication & Alignment - Learn how to easily get on the same page and prevent fighting
🌟 Clarity & Dynamics - Learn how to resolve recurring issues and get your needs met 
🌟 Connection & Intimacy - Learn how to nurture your relationship and rekindle your love 
🌟 Collaboration & Partnership - Learn how to run a harmonious, joyful and enriching household 
You'll gain key insights and targeted takeaways to start creating immediate change. 
BONUS: You'll get access to the 40 Signs that You Love TOO Much checklist.  
Family & Parenting Health & Well-being +4
Communication Empowerment +15


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