Elona Lopari
Business and Marketing Strategist
I help service providers with their positioning in sales & marketing through organic personalized strategies so that they could sell their high ticket offers leading to six figure in sales and up and have the lifestyle that they envisioned by becoming an entrepreneur. 

If you are a frustrated service providers that is not making close to the money that you desire with your current business model and lack of marketing strategy, look no further. 

Serving high quality clients that you love is possible and with the right proven roadmap, you will take the shortcut in getting there. 

Business & Marketing Strategy is my purpose and passion. I am a business owner dedicated to helping passionate and mission driven entrepreneurs start and scale their service based businesses so that they can make the most impact and align with their ultimate purpose. I also help companies elevate to the next level through my extensive 20 year corporate experience.

My specialty is mindset and step by step business strategy because I believe that success in any area of our lives begins and ends with our self belief and habits.

I've enjoyed many years as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and coach and my mission is helping business owners take strategic focused practical action. As an entrepreneur, it's lonely. There is often no one to console with on the rollercoaster that building a business presents. Most coaches look to give advice, I seek to ask powerful questions that allow you to come to your own conclusions and take action, what I do is not theoretical but practical and hands-on, for many entrepreneurs, I am somebody to lean on and focus on them. 

I am also a published author to my Book "Connecting the Dots Backwards" and Co-authored the Book "Women in the Modern Business World". I am also a global speaker and have spoken in many stages with well known industry leaders such as Walgreens Yearly Leadership Summit, Global Woman Summit, PCMA Convening Leaders, ESPA Annual Conference etc.

I am also a Company Trainer and the Consultancy & Speaking Services I offer fall under these topic areas:

1. Business Strategy & Implementation
2. Management & Leadership
3. Marketing & Sales 
4. Employee Training & Development 
5. Culture, Creativity & Innovation 

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