Ellen Barner
Rev. Dr. Ellen Barner she/her/hers
Self-love as the pathway to healing the cycle of addiction.
BS Pharmacy, PharmD, ThD

Once we learn to love ourselves and share that love with others we will create world peace. From the pain of childhood trauma, living with a loving, alcoholic father and loving, mentally ill mother, she has learned how to find self-love, self-acceptance and deep empathy for others who are struggling. Ellen is able to help you on your journey to self-love and freedom from addictions. 


Rev Dr Ellen Barner is available for motivational, speaking opportunities to groups of 100 or more people on the topic of SELF-LOVE the path to Healing the Cycle of Addiction.

You can also choose to have personal healing energy sessions to support you in removing blocks to self-love. You can participate in hands-on creative crafts for stress reduction.


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