Dr. Renee Gordon
Dr. Renee Gordon
Creator of Dr. Renee’s Love University Author of Finding

Dr. Renee Michelle Gordon - Love Expert | Relationship Coach | Speaker | Author

Dr. Renee, America’s #1 Love & Relationship Expert & Coach, in-demand

International speaker and ordained Minister who has helped over 1500

couples find love and respect. She believes that we all have the God-given right to attract the right loving people into our life that resonate with, and support who we are.

Her doctorates are in Philosophical Theology and Advanced Human Sexuality and have authored multiple books including, Finding Your Love at Last and Finding Your Love at Last Duets and soon to be released, Swipe for Mr. Right, Finding Your Soulmate in a Virtual World.

Relationships are the key to a self-fulfilling successful life and Dr. Renee believes that loving yourself is step one in your quest to attract love, respect, and prosperity into your life.

Dr. Renee is adept in speaking about a variety of subjects all based on building positive relationships in business and personal life like:

  • Entrepreneurial groups: Five Relationship Hacks to Creating Raving Fans of Your Customers and Build Sustainable Business Growth
  • Corporate groups: Office Romance, The Pros & Cons and Should You Do it or Allow It?
  • Woman’s Business Organizations: Does Your Business Thrive and Your Personal Life Suck? How to Restore (or Create) a Balanced Lifestyle
  • Woman Executives: How to Build Professional Relationships, Climb the Ladder, and Be Taken Seriously with Femininity
  • Personal (X-Gen, Millennial Gen): Swipe for Mr. Right, How to Find Love in a Virtual World
  • Personal (all Generations): How to Find Your Love at Last, Five Simple Steps to Attracting Your Soulmate within 90 Days
  • General: The Greatest Love of All and How to Build Self-Love, Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence

Dr. Renee breaks the mold of a typical, boring relationship therapist/expert and adds her own brand of humor, life experience, and glitz and glamour to down-to-earth love values and heart-centered wisdom.


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