DJ Stutz
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Early Childhood Specialist, Coach, Speaker, Trainer

DJ Stutz, is an Early Childhood Specialist with more than 20 years of teaching experience and 16 years as a parenting facilitator for the Department of Family and Youth Services. She fully understands the challenges and concerns that come with parenting. She offers parent coaching in group or one-on-one sessions to support parents and teachers in their most important job. 

As a parenting facilitator, DJ led workshops, in baby care, nurturing families, Back in Control (a program for parents of teens) and divorced parenting. These workshops were held in a wide variety of venues, including homeless shelters and 2 women's prisons.

DJ has been featured as a keynote speaker at state PTA conventions, parenting summits and was a presenter at the National Association for the Education of Young Children where attendees were international. Additionally, DJ has presented inservice training for educators at the school, district and community college levels.

DJ shares her knowledge and experience through thoughtful, engaging and witty presentations designed to help you develop the confidence and peace to be a great parent, teacher and imperfect hero raising and teaching independent, productive, and happy children.


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From Unwitting Saboteur to Strategic Hero

In "From Unwitting Saboteur to Strategic Hero," the presenter exposes the ways in which parents unknowingly sabotage their own efforts to raise successful, well-adjusted children. Whether it's being overworked, overstimulated, or just plain hangry, parents can unintentionally set themselves and their kids up for failure. Through a lighthearted lens, the presenter offers practical tips to help parents avoid these pitfalls and become strategic heroes in their children's lives.  Watch the rippling effect that occurs in all areas of your life when you move from saboteur to strategic.


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