Debra Kocis
Debra Kocis
Savvy Parenting Coach
Debra Kocis is double certified in nationally recognized parent coaching programs that have helped millions of families.

Debra Kocis entertains with stories and action steps that support three of the parenting foundations. Transform Chaos with the K.I.D. Formula.

Debra is double certified in nationally recognized parent coaching programs, and along with nutritional research, has helped numerous parents, teachers, pediatric therapists, and parent educators. She is president and founder of Healthy Parenting 360.

Her passion is to serve parents and children. Bringing deeper insights to parents so they may have a beautiful, life-long relationship with their children. Parents experience more peace in their homes and fewer struggles through these proven methodologies.

Debra’s coaching career has provided her with the opportunity to be featured on various summits, radio shows, national workshops, international talk shows, was the guest Co-host of The Women’s Legacy Show, and spoke at the SGA Youth & Family Services Midwest Conference in Chicago. Debra offers private coaching, group coaching, workshops, and is available for speaking events.


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Transform Chaos with the K.I.D. Formula
1. Kick-Start RESPECT
Bringing Respect into the family dynamic and why it's important.

When you demonstrate respect to your children and others, you will find less rebellion and fewer power struggles.

2. Instill Cooperation
Parents can teach Cooperation to their children that lead to a more peaceful household.

We are teaching cooperation & strengthening family bonds. A great foundation for the teenage years!

3. Deliver Encouragement
Use Encouragement to instill higher self-esteem in our children.

My clients learn ways to foster independence in their children, expand on their strengths, and find real connections with their children.
Education Family & Parenting +1
Behaviors Decision-Making +2


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