Debbie Gordon she/her/hers
"Everything You Want Is Just Outside your Comfort Zone!"
MSN, NP, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Empowerment Coach

Debbie has integrated her mass experience in traditional medicine with her experience and passion for holistic Medicine/Modalities and become a Master Energy Medicine Practitioner and Empowerment Coach. She is passionate about guiding and teaching people how to find their voice, self worth, self love and true soul identity. It is her mission to show people how to bridge Eastern and Western Medicine so they can live a healthy and vibrant life. She is an animal lover, loves adventure and spending time outdoors in nature. 

Debbie has a Master of Science in Nursing Degree with over 30 years experience as an ICU Registered Nurse and certified Adult Nurse Practitioner. Over the years, she has ventured out on her own healing journey, and become passionate about learning everything she can in the personal development and holistic medicine world. 

She is a Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Beyond Borders, certified Energy Medicine Practitioner having studied at the Rhys Thomas Institute Life Mastery Training Program, trained as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and is certified as a Tapping into Wealth Coach. She is certified in Grief Movement with Paul Denison, and as a Health and Hormone Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has also had some training in Shamanic practices with Dr. Steven Farmer. 

She continues to study and train with amazing mentors and teachers, as her journey will never end. She plans to continue to build and add to her amazing tool kit, which allows her to help others find their true path as well. 



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