David Smith
Host of From Debt to Wealth to Impact Podcast
Certified Business Coach, Certified Positive Self Talk Coach, Certified Goals Coach
David Smith is a Certified Entrepreneurship and Business Coach with a focus on Money Mindset Transformation. After being a six figure seller on Amazon, he started the From Debt to Wealth to Impact Podcast because most people have too much debt and too little saved for retirement. His mission is to help people profit from their passion and start a home business in six weeks.  He will be a featured author in the upcoming book The Fearless Entrepreneur. David is also a proud Desert Storm U.S. Air Force Veteran. 


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What I got Wrong About Passive Income
For years I was a serial entrepreneur trying to finally start that business that would replace my job at Fedex. I learned about goals, mindset, and accountability but recently discovered my missing piece. 
I talk about the my mistake, what I'm doing to correct it, And helping you avoid it before it's too late. 
Business Mindset
Business Business Plan +1


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