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Speaker, Author, Cancer Survivor, and Life Coach

A cancer survivor, competitive road bike cyclist, and dedicated pickleball athlete, David Meine is an experienced career entrepreneur with a long list of successful launches under his belt.


When he’s not out winning athletic medals, holding motivational talks, or advising business boards, David dedicates his time to furthering the mission he and Carla are most passionate about: More Than Healthy!

Over the past two decades, David’s work, books, and remarkable journey have inspired thousands of people to transform their businesses and health in the same way.


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The Real Scoop on Leaky Gut Syndrome and How it is Compromising Your Immune System.
Eating to Live–Unlocking the Leaky Gut Code: A Customized Journey to Optimal Health tells the story of David Meine’s journey to take back his life and regain his health. David, an experienced career entrepreneur and competitive athlete, struggled for decades with many debilitating health problems. At times, the painful flare-ups were so crippling he couldn’t even walk. On the night he was the keynote speaker at the event celebrating their company’s record-breaking success, David was in agony in a fetal position in the back of a car as hIs wife, Carla, frantically tried to find a wheelchair. After hundreds of doctor appointments, multiple surgeries, and years of frustration and worry that took a toll on them both, it seemed there was no viable solution. 
Finally, after 45 years of research and Carla becoming a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, David and Carla discovered that all of these health issues actually stemmed from the same stealthy perpetrator: leaky gut syndrome. By utilizing a customized natural nutrition diet filled with delicious recipes like Thai Coconut Shrimp and Sweet Potato Soup, while implementing small but consistent lifestyle changes, David was able to reverse his health conditions, strengthen his immune system, and get off all medications. He now lives a busy, fulfilling, and pain-free life. As you read the Meines’ story, you’ll learn how to crack the code of your own health issues, large or small, and see life-changing improvements as you begin to heal your gut. Join them on this worthwhile journey and reclaim the life that you deserve.

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