Danielle Benzon
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Voice, Presence, and Speaking Coach: onstage and on camera
International Speaker, Founder: Inspired Speaker Academy

Voice, Presence, and Speaking coach Danielle Benzon has devoted her life to exploring the agility and power of the voice-body instrument. She is passionate about creating space for authentic human communication and unlocking the hidden potential within each speaker.

Through The Inspired Speaker Academy, Danielle empowers individuals who are being held back from their potential by stage fright, fear of speaking in public, or a history of behavioural conditioning that keeps them from a full, authentic expression of themselves. She helps passionate people to own and embody their message so that every word they speak vibrates with purpose, truth, and self-celebration.


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Unlock the Power of Your Voice

What it is about a speaker that makes everyone in the room pay rapt attention? 

If you've ever wished you could feel more heard and understood on stage or in the boardroom, if you've wanted to be more engaging or charismatic in your communication - this presentation is for you. 

We will uncover the subconscious ways you might be sabotaging yourself when you speak. From technical aspects like pitch, elocution, and breathing techniques, to learning the more subtle skills of speaking in a way that is engaging and inviting - you can embrace your personal power as a speaker to reach the hearts and minds of your audience.

Unlock the power of your voice to speak on stage or camera with an ease and joy that you have never before experienced.

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