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Guiding couples and individuals towards their rebirth
Transformational Relationship & Mindset Coaches, C.N.H.P.

Have you ever woken up feeling like there's a dark cloud looming above your head?

Are you having a hard time expressing your true feelings, especially during disagreements?

Do you want to reignite the desire and passion in your beloved-ship?


While these three things may seem off-tangent from one another, they can all be resolved by discovering your authentic self. The version of you is filled with self-acceptance, compassion, and gratitude not just towards the people around you but also towards yourself.


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Staci Michele Kessler is a proud mom, daughter, sister, friend, student, and teacher. As a Self-love Alchemist, and a Transformational Relationship Mindset Coach, she has devoted her life to helping women reconnect and tap into their divine feminine, unleashing their power and radiance. She has helped people to break free from the destructive patterns that hinder the expression of their true selves. Thus, setting them free to live a life of joy and courage.

Marc Kessler believes that opening your heart brings out the best in you. As a Mindset Coach, he guides men into answering the question–“what does it mean to be an authentic man in today’s world?”. His learning modalities allow both men and women to have a safe space to be vulnerable and eventually overcome their struggles–in their personal lives or relationships.

Together, Staci and Marc make the Conscious Couples Awakening–a mindset coaching program committed to being a catalyst of unconditional love and compassion. It’s a profound experience (couples, one-on-one, group) designed to teach people to create harmony, peace, and joy in their lives. 

Looking for speakers to speak about Level 10 relationships, sacred unions, families, and communities? Staci and Marc can cover those.


Seminars, workshops, and retreats presided:


The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

Seminar-Workshop on taking your relationship to optimal levels of love, trust, and compassionate communication.

The Four Agreements

Seminar-Workshop on shifting your internal landscape and manifesting new healthy patterns in your relationships.

It's Not What You Eat–It's What You Nutritionally Absorb

Seminar on Integrative Nutrition combined with mindfulness naturally heals dis-Ease in the body.

Unlearning is the New Learning

Seminar-Workshop on the 7 powerful steps in neuroscience about the Power of Unlearning to Learn. Lose the fear-based ego-driven stories and assumptions underlying thoughts. This is an immersive experience—an immersion into freedom.


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