Connie Durham
Connie Durham
Connie Durham - The Relationship Transformer
Certified Speaker & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, Certified in the DISC Communication Styles, 21 Years in Leadership with Mary Kay Cosmetics

Connie is a John Maxwell Speaker & Trainer - She's been married for 40 + years and  has 3 grown kids, with their own families. Connie served 21 years in a Leadership position with a direct sales company.  She won 7 Diamond rings, 2 company cars and 100’s of prizes including private parties at Universal, California and the Atlanta Aquarium.  She also leads the women's ministry at her church.

Connie will take you through the Journey of better understanding yourself and your spouse.  We all bring our past experiences, habits, traditions and personalities into our relationship and any of these can cause challenges.  But they don't have to.  Acknowledge your strengths & get past your marital challenges.

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Connie Inspires & Ignites New Life & Energy in your Relationship through Insightful, Reliable Communication Techniques.



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5 Clever Tactics that will Empower your Relationship
You start out with attraction, then comes love, but what happens when your difference begin to outweigh your LOVE Connection?
Education Family & Parenting +4
Behaviors Client Attraction +4
Relationship Booster you won't believe!
You've settled into a good ole rut and the people most important to you no longer think or feel you care.  WHY?  Become aware of the problem and solve this challenge that happens in every relationship.  Use this concept with your spouse, teen, kids, co-workers.
Family & Parenting Health & Well-being +4
Behaviors Communication +3


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