Cheryl Brewster
Rev. Cheryl Brewster she/her/hers
Elevate Success Through Inner Transformation
B.Msc., Time Line Therapy, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist

Once confined to 9-to-5, Cheryl “heard the call,” embraced her inner pirate, left corporate and established The Intuitive Life, an oasis for individuals and wellness organizations seeking something different in life and business. As a speaker, she inspires audiences to dig deeper into what makes them come alive, and more importantly, what “keeps” them that way. Recognized as "the Soul Whisperer," Cheryl goes beyond traditional business topics, highlighting business as a vehicle of spiritual awakening. She champions decisions rooted in intuitive wisdom as the new economy’s greatest currency. She invites audacious adventure into the pursuit of success, where previously banished blind spots are excavated for the hidden treasure they hold. Armed with a myriad of certifications, Cheryl masterfully educates her audiences in the power of the unconscious mind to foster innovation and growth.  Cheryl serves through:  Reinvention Programs, Corporate Workshops, and Weddings/Memorials. 


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