Cheryl Brewster
Rev. Cheryl Brewster she/her/hers
Elevate Success Through Inner Transformation
B.Msc., Time Line Therapy, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist

Embark on a journey of empowerment and success with Rev. Cheryl Brewster, a catalyst for change, guiding individuals and organizations towards their goals with clarity, courage, and the peace that comes staying true to what’s most important. As the visionary behind "Embrace Your Inner Pirate" and "Prosperity Codes of Joy," Cheryl helps her audiences reach unparalleled success through the power of imagination and inspired action. Cheryl champions her clients to identify and stay true to inner strengths to reduce stress and focus successfully, on what's most important. She inspires action, helping her audiences reframe obstacles as opportunities for success, that foster profound shifts for personal and professional growth. Cheryl Brewster is more than a speaker; she is a "soul whisperer." Those fortunate enough to experience her transformative guidance, consistently experience powerful, life-altering encounters that resonate long after hearing her speak. Cheryl's impact is memorable, her insights unique, and her passion contagious.


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