Catherine Deluca
Candidate: Certified Change Management Professional

I specialize in working with business leaders to pivot from Survive to Thrive both personally and in their business, resulting in an energized team that creates successful outcomes from their strategic plan.


Catherine has a diverse background working in administrative, human resource, project management, software implementation/training and change management, learning early on that effectively managing change had MORE of an impact on the success of a change than any other factor – and that our personal ability to integrate change limits that success.

Catherine works collaboratively with business leaders and their teams to craft an outcomes-based strategic plan and then a change management strategy to ensure successful acceptance of that change for the entire team.  This has become especially important both during the pandemic, and post-pandemic as we as leaders need to pivot our approach to ensure that we move from a Survive to a Thrive mindset! 

The Thrive mindset can re-energize leaders and their teams, increase communication and satisfaction as goals are achieved.  Important to thriving is achieving a work/life balance, especially in a work-from-home world.

Catherine believes in the collaborative approach to working with her clients, digging in deep to ensure a successful plan for the future, and celebrating all wins, big or small!

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