Caroline Purvey
Caroline Purvey
The Woman To Watch in Wellbeing - CEO
Transformational leader and visionary/ Mental Health/Addictions/Childhood Trauma/Well-being/Self-help for Health

The Woman to Watch in Well-being, Caroline Purvey is an award-winning international speaker and No 1 best selling author of ‘Feel It To Heal It’. CEO of TRE UK Caroline is the creator of the unique Total Release Experience programme that empowers those looking to find freedom from physical, mental and emotional pain to live the life they want and deserve.  Transforming lives globally, Caroline is passionate about the body's power to heal itself when other modalities have failed. 

On an expedition/challenge to Malawi, Caroline left her footprint and has trained 19 adults who deliver her simple, practical practice. They have now reached out to over 4.5K children to heal from their trauma and build resilience.  Having dedicated ten years to building experience and knowledge Caroline is a world-leading expert and voice with her unique self-help programme now, as an online Course is accessible worldwide.

Validated by Canterbury Christchurch University, she can confidently share in these troubling times that the programme: '99% improves physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and not by chance' Anxiety and depression scales are reduced in 5 weeks by over 60%.  Incredible results from a self-help practice that requires no talking, touching, appointments or medication.  Popular with the Service Sector as sustainable, cost-effective, and heals on every level. Caroline shares her unique, fascinating and exciting work that is both engaging, and enlightening giving hope where there is none.  


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