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Hello! I am Cara Jean Wilson, a seasoned leadership coach and diversity advocate with over two decades of experience. Passionate about fostering inclusive workplaces, she empowers individuals and organizations to thrive through authentic leadership and embracing diversity. With expertise in neurodiversity, she offers practical strategies for creating inclusive cultures that drive innovation and growth. Cara Jean is eager to share her insights and inspire positive change on stages focused on leadership development, diversity, equity, and inclusion.   


Change is inevitable, development is a choice and YOUR CHOICE MATTERS!


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Clearly Aligned Leadership

We are Clearly Aligned Leadership (CAL).  Made up of Cara Jean of Taking CARA Business, Anna of Inspired Business Solutions, and Laura of Ignight Consulting.  We deeply understand the very real struggle of running a business, being responsible for multiple people's lives, and the challenges in finding balance when all that is true.  We speak on a number of business topics from Executive coaching, through the HR needs to the marketing and systems that support all the above.

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