Brenda Jacobson
Brenda Jacobson
Brenda Jacobson is a business strategist and finance executive with a passion for helping people manage emotions that hijack their lives. She is an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Chakra Awakener, Speaker, Author, Facilitator and International Trainer. Formally trained as a Chartered Professional Accountant she enjoyed 25+ years as a corporate executive. Life circumstances inspired her to redirect her skillset into to entrepreneur realm where she founded YouEQ Global and Awakening Consciously to create tools and strategies that help leaders optimize their teams and people optimize their experience—on every level of life.

I partner with professional women to level up their relationship skills in every realm of life—as business leaders, parents, partners, friends and overall influencers in the evolution of humanity. 

My career as a finance executive and business strategist came to an abrupt halt when I fell over 3000 feet down a mountain while skiing. The recovery took five years, however in hindsight I realized my body healed in about two. It took an extra three years to regain control of my emotions and reclaim my life. Three years of life that I missed out on. Post trauma stress kept me stuck in a very small world—trapped in the contracting experience of anger, disgust, fear, sadness and hopelessness. This is when I became passionate about emotions and the power held in building the awareness and skills to manage them effectively. 

YouEQ grew from this seed as I set out on a mission to develop tools to help others recover from emotions that hijacked their lives and kept them stuck in a very small version of themselves. Combining neuroscience and game dynamics we have created a fun, fast and wildly effective strategy to help people from three to ninety three—and everyone in between—optimize their experience at every level of life. 

To supplement this strategy, I delve into the science of vibration and the power of the energy body to help people understand each element standing in the way of their success. This creates an evolutionary shift in the body, emotions, mindset, communication, intuition, visualization and spiritual connection. Together these encompasses the whole of the person and revolutionizes every element of life. 


These are example talks for Brenda Jacobson

Empowering Dynamic Relationships through Conversation Mastery
As the world evolves before us, people are feeling disjointed and disassociated from their lives, leading to unprecedented levels of overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion. Building connection and community has never been as critically important as it is today. Yet many struggle with this largely because unconscious conversation habits cause them to sabotage relationships rather than empower them.

People have never discovered the simplicity of having powerful, engaging conversations. Instead of deepening their existing relationships and expanding their networks in this time of high stress, many people are experiencing the breakdown of relationships causing their community to contract. 

In this presentation you will discover common conversation habits which people unconsciously embrace that create challenges in every relationship. These habits are used by everyone—in almost every conversation. 

Discover simple strategies to develop conversation skills for building communities that THRIVE! These skills will support you to create dynamic relationships in every realm of life—professional, personal, and parenting.

Business Family & Parenting +4
Communication Communication Training +17
Have FUN Making Emotional Intelligence a Habit
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a crucial factor in social-emotional health, mental health and in the overall joy you experience in life. EQ is defined as learning to be more intelligent about your emotions and managing them to react and respond in a manner that optimizes your experience. EQ can be expanded into three additional areas.

  --Social-Emotional Agility – ability to accurately identify what you feel, when you’re feeling it in real-time, while also determining the appropriate time to respond.
  --Social-Emotional Responsibility – knowing how things got to where they are, how each party contributed to the outcome, and how to resolve the situation with appropriate responsibility.
  --Social Maturity – achieving self-concept awareness and knowing who you are, who you want to be, and with whom you want to be yourselves with.


We call combining brain science with game dynamics “neuro-gamification.” Neuro-gamification embedded in the EQ games resulting in the fastest way to train your brain for emotional intelligence. The game dynamics address the brain in a unique way—accelerating learning and retention of new skills. When these two elements are the combination is powerful. 

During this presentation you will discover how to train your brain for new emotional habits  using. . . 

  --Conversational training to share the science, skills and language of emotions. 
  --Specialized card games to help you embody these elements, 

This experience will guide you to improve your life, on every level, in very meaningful ways. 

Business Family & Parenting +3
Behaviors Business +11
Awakening Consciously—Ancient Wisdom for a New World
Our world is changing with a speed and intensity we have never experienced. People, in every realm of life, are reeling in anticipation of what is coming next. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are skyrocketing—creating even more trauma. 

Life is a mystery for many of us and finding a way to make sense of it proves to be a great challenge. People are seeking a new way of being and this is causing many to awaken to a different experience of life. Health and wellness comprise far more than freedom from chronic illness. Embracing all wonders of life requires vibrancy and achieving your optimum level of health and wellness is the bridge to that vibrancy. Engaging and revitalizing your entire being are critical pieces along this path.

It is now time to take the next step in the evolutionary process and acknowledge the greater self—the other aspects of your being, and the multiple levels of this fabulous vehicle you have been gifted with. 

During this time you will become aware of. . . 

  --The relevance of your energy body and the chakra system in todays fast-paced world.
  --How to understand its messages, signs and signals. 
  --The release of a new level of energy, joy, and peace in your life.

This presentation addresses the desire to simplify and expedite the journey of awakening for anyone who chooses this path. You will come to embrace this tool for your own awakening and it will simplify the struggles you encounter along the way. 
Education Health & Well-being +1
Chakra Communication +13


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