Bernie Franzgrote
Bernie Franzgrote
Synergy Architect | Co-Founder | Connector | B2B

Bernie Franzgrote is a synergy architect. He is a networker of people and a connector of ideas, who is a co-founder of Connect Ottawa Business People and Kreativ Insight Consultants. With Bernie being a synergy architect, his professional community is a perfect place to bring the best resources to the broadest business groups together. It’s more than just the money. It’s the relationships built while working with others to achieve more significant successes. We help those seeking solid contacts to help launch a business or new product and service.


Bernie comes from a 36-year Business Development history, working in a large corporate institution. Being creative to stay on budget and generate $17M in net revenues meant being conceptually agile while working with others was essential. These same skills are part of what Bernie does today for others. Collaboration is always key to success and being timely.  


Let me share what has worked and how to extend your reach from one to many.


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