Becky Norwood
Becky Norwood
CEO | Founder | Book Publishing Expert
Publishing Expert - 10 years Business Owner/Entrepreneur - 40+ years Authors: 350 +

Books are a powerful way to impactfully influence our world and that is where Spotlight Publishing shines. 

Becoming a successful author is quite a journey and marketing begins the moment an author puts pen to paper (or tapping the keys of their keyboard). We understand the intricate details of what it takes to use a book to showcase your wisdom and expertise successfully, with key components that make them shine.

At the core of every book that reaches the heart is storytelling, and storytelling has been a part of humanity since the beginning of time. We teach our authors the four pillars of a story well-told, which are advocacy, truthtelling, unifying, and being a way-shower. 

We take our authors by the hand, providing the guidance, services, and tools to set them up for sucess. 


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