Boost your Business Brilliance: The Book & Story Summit for Entrepreneurs
Boost your Business Brilliance: The Book & Story Summit for Entrepreneurs
Created 2 years 6 months ago
Organizer Elizabeth Johnston
Boost your Business Brilliance: The Book & Story Summit for Entrepreneurs
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Boost your Business Brilliance: The Book & Story Summit for Entrepreneurs hosted by Elizabeth Johnston and Richelle Wiseman.


The best way to grow your know, like, and trust factor is through story — whether that is with a book or consistent use of a variety of stories in your marketing.


The Boost Your Business Brilliance Summit is directed at coaches, consultants, authors and other service providers who want to get their message across more effectively so they reach more prospects and convert more people into clients.


The Boost Your Business Brilliance Summit showcases speakers who will help entrepreneurs at every stage of the book-writing process from idea to publishing and marketing as well as tips and techniques for using stories in their business.


Speakers will be interviewed in a pre-recorded 30-minute time-slot and be able to offer a free gift as a lead magnet at the end of their interview. Speakers are required to promote the summit to their list and social media and to fill out an agreement form, after they’ve been accepted.


Boost Your Business Brilliance will offer participants a $97 VIP upgrade and speakers, as affiliates of the summit, will have the opportunity to receive 50% commission on purchases made with their unique affiliate link.

VIP Session 1
Richelle&Elizabeth Boost Summit Hosts

Join Richelle Wiseman and Elizabeth Johnston for an exclusive VIP session. Mix, mingle, and bring your questions. 

In this recording of our VIP Session, Richelle and I had a great conversation with three of our awesome speakers.

Don't miss our next VIP Session on March 17th at 7pm Eastern to mix, mingle, and get your questions answered in real time. During the St. Patrick's Day Session, we'll be talking with Toni Kaufman, Matt Travis, and Judy Weintraub.

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For Entrepreneurs, Good Copy & a Book are 2 Must-Haves!
Richelle Wiseman Owner of Inscape Communicaitons

Entrepreneurs who have online products and services rely on good email copy, landing page and sales page copy and ad copy to successfully launch their goods and get sales. Many also write a book, or spend a lot of time thinking about writing one. In my presentation, I will talk about why entrepreneurs need both good copy and a book, and what they have in common. 

Marketing Mindset
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VIP Session 2
Richelle&Elizabeth Boost Summit Hosts

VIP Session 2 – Join us for a conversation with

  • Matt Travis, Rapid Transformation Therapist and Summit Speaker, whose business skyrocketed once he started using story
  • Steve Feld, Biz Coach, Friend of the Summit and hear about his gift for those who upgrade to VIP (a training that will dispel the myths about marketing and make your life so much easier), and
  • Healers Greg Lee and Antonia Van Becker, Friends of the Summit who share the details of their gift – a workshop to help you heal your writers' block
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The Power Of Story: 3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know
Elizabeth Johnston Creativity Coach

As an entrepreneur, it's imperative to share your message not just about what you do but WHY you do what you do. We are all made of stories and the quickest way to make a meaningful connection with your audience or client is through sharing your stories. But for many entrepreneurs, that's easier said than done. 

In this masterclass, you'll understand the power of story for your business, become aware of the blocks that hold you back and how to free your inner storyteller to transform your life and business.

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Writing & Publishing Tips for Entrepreneurs Considering a Book for their Business
Richelle&Elizabeth Boost Summit Hosts

Watch the recording of this inspiring and information open session  with Boost Summit co-hosts Richelle Wiseman and Elizabeth Johnston.

Client Attraction Abundance +1
3 Simple Steps to Activate Your Story for Greater Impact, Influence, and Income.
Christie Ruffino Master Story Activator

During this presentation, you will:

  • Learn the simple way to identify Your Signature Story... THE story that will make the BIGGEST IMPACT with your  audience and in your life.
  • Grasp how to share your story in an impactful way that will INSPIRE, INFORM, and EQUIP others to live a better life.
  • Gain clarity on where to use your story in your business, and how to master your message to ATTRACT more of your ideal clients and LOWER PRICE RESISTANCE.
  • See how your Signature Story is a valuable asset to ELEVATE YOUR BRAND... and attract media interviews, partners, and speaking engagements.
  • Understand how to be better positioned as an INFLUENCER in your field to attract new opportunities and Joint Venture Partnerships.




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Marketing Client Attraction +3
Your Journey to Authorship and the Four Pillars of a Story Well-Told
Becky Norwood CEO | Founder | Book Publishing Expert

Understanding the key components of what makes an author successful will set you up for success in powerful ways. 

In this presentation, we will discuss

  • How to use authorship as a tool for business growth
  • Our 10 x 10 strategy for crystal clear clarity on your subject matter and presentation
  • Why storytelling woven into the core of what you are sharing is so important + the four pillars of a story well told
  • Learn just how powerful marketing is and why it should begin the moment you put pen to paper (or begin tapping the keys of your keyboard)
  • How to attract powerful endorsements, a powerful launch team, speaking engagements and joint venture partners
  • and so much more!
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Build Authority, Trust and Respect through Quizzes
Catharine O'Leary Founder

Quizzes are not just for lead generation! They are excellent brand building vehicles for entrepreneurs building their brands. Quizzes can serve to build your authority, trust, and respect through the questions you ask and the answers you provide. 

The flexibility of quizzes allows you to determine the destination of your ideal customer. You can pick from a webinar, a sale page, an offer, or a book launch event. The quiz drives traffic to whatever destination you set. 

Let's get the road trip started!

Marketing Lead Generation +1
3 Easy Ways to Get Your Book Done
Cheri Merz Founder/CEO

You know your topic – forwards, backwards, inside and out. You know you need a book to reach a wider audience. But you don't consider yourself a writer, you're not sure you have time to write a book and attend to business at the same time, and the idea of getting it published overwhelms you. What will you do? Explore three easy ways to get your book done, in your voice, with your expertise, and without neglecting your business.

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An Explosion of Gifts
Elizabeth & Richelle Boost Summit Co-hosts

Join Richelle Wiseman and Elizabeth Johnston where we give you the scoop about MORE awesome gifts from the speakers and Friends of the Summit. 

Client Attraction Abundance +1
The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures
Jay Fiset JVology Founder


  - The 3 required beliefs you must align your life and business with to succeed at Joint Ventures…

 - How the key to your success lies not with your product or service but with the keen understanding of your clients' problems before they want or need you and after they have consumed your products or services.

 - How to craft an irresistible and magnetic Joint Venture INVITATION and never have to “pitch” again!

Education Marketing +1
Rise Above: Get Known as an Expert by Becoming a Published Author
Judy Weintraub CEO

Becoming a published author can elevate your reputation and enable you to be perceived as a subject matter expert.  It can be daunting, however, to write and publish your book on your own. Judy will share several tips for getting your book written more easily.


-          Determine what to write about

-          Get yourself started and keep writing from the first page to the last

-          Decide between self-publishing or working with a publisher

-          Apply authors’ success habits

Business Client Attraction +4
How to Become a Bestselling Author in 7 Easy Steps
Kelly Falardeau BestSelling Author Strategist

Kelly Falardeau is a 7x Best-selling Author and has coached over 400 people to hit the Amazon best-seller list. She has a 100% success rate and wants to teach you the 7 steps it takes to become a Best-Selling Author so that you can make massive income and impact.

Business Education +3
Education Business +3
How To Grow The 3 Core Mental Muscles To Boost Your Business Success
Matt Travis CEO

If your mind ever stops you from being successful in your business then this presentation is for you.

You will discover:

  • The 3 mental muscles you can grow to increase your confidence and profits
  • How to decrease self-sabotage and increase self-command to break through plateaus
  • How to approach your business with 5 new perspectives that will skyrocket growth
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3 Simple Marketing Strategies to Make Your Book & Brand Sparkle
Melanie Herschorn Book Marketing Strategist

Want your marketing to help you sell more books and grow your influence online?

You've written a book you're proud of, now it's time to make the impact you deserve.

With a content marketing system that amplifies your message, your book and your brand won't be the best-kept secret any longer.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn how to generate a month’s worth of content from your book (even if it's not published)
  • Find out how you can establish credibility with thought leader content
  • Discover how to create long-term loyalty and deep relationships with email marketing
The 3 key stories every presentation needs to grab attention and sell without high pressure sales tactics
Steve Werner Webinar Master

How to build a riveting presentation that auciances love, learn from, and buy from - all without embarrassing, high pressure sales tactics.

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Business Storytelling +1
2022 It's Your Time: Get Speaker, Stage and Business Ready the Secrets to Becoming an EXPERT Speaker.
Toni Kaufman Founder and CEO

How do you know when you are an Emerging, Experienced, or Expert Speaker? Share a little time with Toni so she can give you the perspective that most casting directors and producers have when choosing a guest speaker for their events and stages.

Marketing Media +1
Personal Development Entrepreneurship +10