Barb Monson
Barb Monson she/her/hers
Never doubt your beliefs, and never believe your doubts.

Barb did all the “shoulds.”  Get the degree, the fast-paced corporate job, the house and family, the advanced degree, the promotions, the CFO seat.  A lifetime of “shoulds” that led to achievement, but not purpose.  She ditched it ALL and now she coaches women who are burned out, looking for meaning and fulfillment in their life and work.  She takes them through fear and self-doubt into creating a big vision and then brings them through fulfillment of that vision.  She loves reaching and empowering women through the deep work of coaching, in the quiet of their hearts through her book, and from the energy and vibrance of a stage.  There are many things we can do as a DIY project - empowerment of one's purpose is not one of them!