Ms. Betty Ann Ellis
You cannot give what you do not have...
BSc. Hon Physics

Betty Ann Ellis graduated as a research physicist from the University of Alberta and received a scholarship to continue graduate studies at the University of Toronto doing diagnostic imaging research on Osteoporosis.  Working with top neurosurgeons in the country at the Toronto Western Hospital was very rewarding.  With the growth of her family, she left the lab for less demanding work as a Corporate Systems Consultant for Sun Life of Canada.  For the past 12 years, Ms. Ellis has been in business for herself and has worked with thousands of  home and business owners and hundreds of nationally branded service providers around the world in the most sought after industry sectors today - telecom, energy, banking, cyber security, travel and now most importantly, health care costs.  Her choice of what services to work with has been based on their cost and their relevance. The business model has been built with a customer centric culture that is fair and forward thinking.  One that implements multiple wealth principles - such as diversifying income streams, residual income, leverage and scale.   She is a Mother, Daughter and Grandmother who upholds integrity, compassion and respect for others..  



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