Azim Sahu-Khan
Azim Sahu-Khan
The Profit Liberator - I save business owners
Creator: Franchise System Stability Model - Founder: The 6 Week Vacation Club for Business Owners

"Most businesses I come across are half the size they could be with the owner working twice as hard as they should be and that is totally unacceptable to me" - Azim Sahu-Khan
Keynote speaker, Author, Marketing Strategist, Business Growth Expert, Investor, and creator of the 'Franchise System Stability Model', Azim Sahu-Khan has more than 20 years’ experience starting, scaling and selling businesses across several different industries. 

His creatively simple marketing campaigns and focus on internal systems have helped several of his clients more than double their 7 figure operations in only 18 months and be able to take a holiday from their business with ‘no internet attached’ 

Azim believes it’s almost an obligation to help owners realise the full potential of their business, so they can achieve the ‘business owners dream’ of financial independence and lifestyle freedom.  His catch cry is “Reimagine your business, Reclaim your life” 

Having started his career in information technology (he programmed computer operating systems using punched cards!), Azim quickly developed a skill for client services and marketing, culminating in him as a senior manager at Microsoft,  designing and implementing the first Regional Support Centre outside of the USA providing 24 x 7 x 365 mission critical software support to their highest-level clients including major banks and foreign stock exchanges.  

Azim has been a judge for the Australian Customer Service Association, directly managed teams of 30+, built a multiple award-winning café from the ground up, created an ‘on demand’ hair and beauty operation and the list of his projects goes on. 

Today Azim spends most of his time running his consultancy ‘Business Performance Tuning’, assisting other owners turn their businesses into valuable, saleable assets, and speaking internationally in person and via the ‘online’ environment that the pandemic has forced all to use. Many of his current client roster are in the Franchisor and Franchisee space where he is guiding his clients to life changing results. 

Azim prides himself on not just ‘guiding’ people on what to do, but ‘getting his hands dirty’ with assisting clients with the implementation of innovative strategies.  Practicing what he preaches, he also applies the same innovations to the ‘laboratory’ of his own ventures. 


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