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The Practical Mystic

Angela Orora Medway-Smith, The Practical Mystic, is a Welsh spiritual channel and teacher, master healer, coach, and retreat leader. Her business is called Cariad Spiritual and she works both in person and online spreading the light at workshops, festivals, and retreats worldwide.


Holistic healing is Angela’s passion. She’s set up healing clinics, is Chair of a non-profit dedicated to promoting energy healing, created charity holistic events and festivals, trained hundreds of energy healers, and supported thousands of clients worldwide with healing and guidance from spirit.


She devotes her life to awakening divine souls like you to their potential and believes that we all have the ability to transform, to emerge from the chrysalis of this human life, ‘be the butterfly’ and soar, reclaiming your sovereign self; developing a deep connection to your soul and aligning with your true destiny. 


Angela is incredibly blessed to be a direct channel for the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters and has published two channeled books ‘The Book of Many Colours: Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose With The Divine Rays’ and ‘The Book of Many Flames: Everyday Alchemy Using Esoteric Energy.’ 


She is also co-author of five #1 international Amazon best-selling books on holistic healing all of which you can find here:


Her latest book The Energy Healer's Oracle: Tools for Total Transformation was listed #21 of the 100 Best Healing Books of All Time, sharing the list with Deepak Chopra, Barbara Brennan, Alberto Villioldo, and many more NY Times Best-selling Authors.


Angela offers spiritual consultations, coaching, mentoring, retreats, healing, healer, and intuitive development training worldwide. 


She loves to empower others to kick-start their healing journey and spiritual development.


When she’s not supporting others, or with her family, you can usually find Angela by water; walking along the banks of the Thames which flows near her London home, or along the beach close to her home-town in Wales. 


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