Andrea Leigh Austin
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Engaging others to explore bringing love back into business
BA in Economics, exCPA, completing PHD in Conscious Business

Andrea Leigh Austin is the co-founder of My Conscious Wellness and Love Evolution and Clearly Conscious Energetics, explorer's in the consciousness and alternative wellness arena. The focus of her organization is on the expansion of conscious awareness through love, leveraging technology and divine sciences to help us embody more of who we are. Love.

Andrea has a Degree in Commerce and Economics from the University of Toronto and is a former CPA with KPMG. She is also in the process of completing her Ph.D. in Conscious Business Ethics with the University of Sedona as she continues to explore the impact of bringing love back into the business.

Andrea speaks to the core concepts of what it means to bring love back into business and why it matters in the world as we each learn how to bridge business and the gift of helping others back into the world. 

Discovering and doing business differently through love.


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