W Anaiis Salles
W Anaiis Salles
Ordained Minister Certified Emergency Medical Technician (NY State) Certified Hypnotherapist Certified Bioenergetics Practitioner

As a holistic product innovator and practitioner, I help successful entrepreneurs and people from all over the world embrace life-changing energy healing resources, spiritual development practices, and astonishing self-healing.

It is my privilege to speak on the power of energy medicine and our capacity for supported self-healing in instances where healing was considered to be highly unlikely or ‘impossible’ by traditional medicine.

Accelerated Conscious Evolution three year certification program provides an educational framework for unique healing techniques. Through decades of collaboration with open-minded physicians, therapists, patients and clients, one-to-one, and in large or small groups, my quantum healing techniques have been and continue to be medically validated.

My non-invasive physical product line has generated similarly remarkable results for clients. These results have also been medically validated.

Credentials: Ordained minister, certified but non-practicing EMT, certified hypnotherapist, and certified bioenergetics practitioner.