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Using human behavior and psychology to engineer success
Using human behavior and psychology to engineer success

Alex Aanderud (ON-DER-RUDE) is an internationally recognized expert in behavioral analysis, communication, integrative and adaptive leadership.  Certified through the Association for Integrative Psychology, Innermetrix and The John Maxwell Team, Alex specializes in the strategic implementation of Advanced Integrative Psychology, behavioral analysis and conscious-unconscious Integration in both business and sales. 

Alex worked for over 10 years as an engineer supporting experimental flight test for Boeing and the US Military where he developed expertise in lean, six sigma, kaizen and other manufacturing best practices.  During that time he studied advanced integrative psychology and became a certified trainer through the Association for Integrative Psychology.  Taking these two worlds and combining them, Alex has developed a proprietary model for hiring and a more detailed model for intangible asset management, focusing on improving human capital and profits.  As a consultant, Alex helps his clients identify, manage, improve, and streamline the hidden and intangible assets of their companies while integrating intrinsic motivation and purpose throughout their organization.


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You Don't Know DISC

One of the most valuable assets businesses have is their human capital.  For entrepreneurs, the most valuable asset is their social capital…it's their relationships.  Building relationships can come naturally for some, but even those naturally gifted at building relationships can have challenges relating to people with different motivations, different personalities, and different ways of seeing the world.  Understanding human behavior, psychology, and motivation allow people to broaden their ability to connect and see the world through a variety of different perceptions.  Understanding one's own behavior, psychology and motivation increases one's ability to have compassion, to adapt, to win, and to prosper.

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