The Grand Connection GRAND Giveaway! 2021
The Grand Connection GRAND Giveaway! 2021
Created 1 year 10 months ago
Organizer Susan Jarema
The Grand Connection GRAND Giveaway! 2021
Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Wed, Jan 5, 2022 12:05 AM (1 year 8 months ago)


Sorry this giveaway has ended.  

Please check out our upcoming Spring Grand Giveaway here.


December Grand Giveaway (2021)


This giveaway campaign is free for members to join in or $97 for non members. We will be launching our marketing campaign at the Dec 10 Mega Networking Grand Celebration. It will close Dec 31. 

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New to Giveaways?

Giveaways are a great way to build you your lists and get visibility. Plus... it's a lovely way to get some exposure and take part in our Grand Giving theme for December. This is collaborative visibility and list building in its finest! Everyone participating each contributes an enticing gift with a hot topic related to their service, that has a value to it. The Grand Connection sets up a landing page of all the experts.  We all invite our tribes to sign up for thousands of dollars in free gifts. They register and can scroll through a giveaway page with all the gifts. On this page your gift banner and description with a link to your opt in will be there for you to get new leads. 


Who this is for:

The Grand Giving Giveaway is for businesses who serve professionals and business owners globally seeking growth and development. We are looking for thoughtful gifts of real value (e.g. mini-course, membership, templates, on-demand webinar, ebook, something you have sold or could sell) that will support our business community, their family and their friends. 


About the Grand Connection:

The Grand Connection is a supportive global community that provides education, inspiration and support you need through EDUnetworking to reach your Grand Potential. Connect, create and collaborate with like minded leaders who share the values of Grand Giving.


What is Grand Giving

Grand Giving is the underlying foundation of our three core values - connect, create and collaborate. It is through being in service in our community that we support each other and grow thought sharing resources, skills, expertise, connections, referrals and opportunities. An important part of community is peer to peer learning and supporting each other. It is through “Grand Giving” that everyone gains the most and win, win, win opportunities are created.


There are 5 gift categories to choose from: 

Business Growth

Mindset & Self Growth

Health & Wellness

Spirituality & Energy Healing

Relationships & Family



Contributor Requirements

We are open to any list size as long as participants contribute their best to co-market this event. Our expectation is that everyone participates by sending a minimum of one dedicated email and participate in sharing on social media. 


Earn some money too!

If you are a member, you can request to become an affiliate and earn $20 for each new member who joins our community. Please send Susan a request at


Contributor Fees:

Grand Connection Members: Free

Non Members $97 (or join for $24.99/mo)


You will need to provide:

Title of Gift

Description of Gift (include any deadlines and instructions, 60 words (please have enough words so there are no gaps)

Gift image  480x270 pixels

Link to your opt in for gift 

Max 60 word bio

Headshot - 500x500

Link to your opt in page (This is where someone signs up to get your free gift. If there's a coupon you can add it in the description).



Submission is through the button above. 

All you need to do is go to the contributor tab top right.  

If you don't yet have an account here one will be created when you submit your contributions. 

Questions? Contact for more information.

Prizes for Draws at events

Additionally, we are always looking for prizes for our selfie contest and draws at the events! Please email at if you are interested in donating a single prize.

Self, Selling and Success.
Steve Brossman The Sales Innovator

A combination of two of my most Powerful Publications. 

  1. EXCEEED the Book and Workbook. The 6 Principles to Exceed your own personal and professional Expectations.
  2. The Art and Science of Virtual Selling. Almost a workshop in a book showing you how to create a flow of quality clients coming to you and ASKING TO BUY…. More Sales Less Stress.
The Power Within Hypnotherapy Self Help Library
Jackie Irene Maclean Clinical Hypnotherapist

The Power Within Hypnotherapy Self Help Library consists of 14 Hypnosis Audios, 25 E-Reports PLUS 

’30 Days of Empowerment’ Workbook.




Breakthrough Insight Success Call
Robert Butwin Business Strategist and Networking Mentor

This one hour call with a master networking and connector is guaranteed to provide you with insight to accelerate your business success. Quantities may be limited. Book your session soon.

The Six: A Simple Productivity Program
Mike Vardy Productivity Strategist | Time Management Specialist | Author | Speaker | Workshop Leader

The Six is the simplest productivity program ever designed by productivity expert Mike Vardy – better known as The Productivityist.

5 Keys to Increase Your Facebook Engagement Fast
Katja Rusanen Story Coach

Discover the proven way to create scroll-stopping Facebook posts that generate great client conversations online. In the guide, you’ll get the 5 keys to sharing meaningful content that engages and attracts perfectly aligned clients PLUS 50 story ideas for your Facebook posts. 
The first 15 people will also receive an exclusive 30-minute Content Creation Breakthrough Session.

The Money Making Masterclass Blueprint
Sue Clement The Money Making Masterclass Blueprint

Put an end to your low converting Masterclasses! Get The Money Making Masterclass Blueprint - Your Complete Guide to Presentations, Webinars and Masterclasses that Convert Clients Like Crazy!  This is the exact framework my clients have used to generate conversion rates of 45% & earn 60+k from just one Masterclass or Webinar. 

Style Tips to Look 10-20 lbs Slimmer Without Diet or Exercise for Your Next Video or Presentation
Tracy Pohlmann Professional Image Expert

The way you wear your clothes can make you appear smaller than you are or larger. How you wear your clothes can give an optical illusion of looking like you have lost weight.  Get these quick style tips to transform your look into one that makes you appear more confident for your next live presentation in under 5 minutes.

Mastermind — The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation
Richard Kaye Business Growth Strategist

What if you knew the seven "magical" words which could decrease what you pay or increase what you get paid for something?
Everything you do is a negotiation – it’s time to uplevel your negotiation skills and strategies
Join our Negotiation Mastermind

Financial Clarity & True Prosperity Masterclass
Heather Abbott Prosperity Pro

Everyone starts the new year with good intentions and big goals in life and business.

Taking the 2 hours needed for this course is going to give you a high return on the time investment.

We will cover what you need to know to set a clear path for the new year toward your most important goals.

How to Persuade and Influence Behaviours of Others
Alan Stevens International Profiling Specialist

What Face Profiling is and how it can help you in your relationships in :

* your personal life

* building your business

* sales and negotiations

This short 28 minute online course gives you a number of Personality Traits you can easily see in a person's faces and the beginning of detecting lies and where a person is mentally sourcing information 

Co-Creation Catalyst Workshop: Energy Healing Basics
Anaiis Salles Owner

Understand and use the power of emotional energy for good and your personal health and well-being!

Being of Service to our Grieving Friends - Resource Guide
Barb Ashcroft Author, Mentor, Encourager

Would you appreciate tools on what to say or do when a friend is grieving? Desiring to be supportive but feeling FROZEN instead. Family time especially during holidays is especially awkward. How to include? When to include? What to SAY or Do? My Gift is a Resource Guide that I'm creating.

17 Recordings + Podcast of the Nov 2021 Small Business Summit hosted by MBX
Blaney Teal Chief Networking Officer

You will get 15+ hours of business development training from industry leaders. You get actionable items that you can implement in your business as soon as the next day and links to the speakers free gifts and offers as well for additional value. You can watch the video training or listen to the podcast version of each presentation. Coupon: GRANDGIVEAWAY

Humor Journal
Bonita Joy Yoder Funny is Money

Humor is an underleveraged and much needed 
“currency.”  Inside this Humor Journal you will find 10 simple writing prompts to recognize and claim the fun and funny in your life. Embrace and leverage your humor muscle in business and life to be memorable, attract customers, build rapport and increase conversion of leads leading to more revenue.  Remember, funny is money! 

2022 Content Planner Tool
Bonnie Chomica The Content Creation Mentor

Become more visible and attract more clients by using this easy content and promotion planner laid out for 2022. Producing regular value-added content showcases your expertise and builds that know, like, and trust factor. This tool helps you develop your content creation process so you deliver consistent, authority building information.

Vision is Victory eBook + Vision & Strategy Session
Carey Conley Speaker/Author/Vision Coach

Downloadable version of my workbook, ‘Vision is Victory’. This will help you understand the power of a crystal clear, written vision and how to break it down into actionable goals.

This includes a 40 minute 'Vision & Strategy' session after completion of the vision workbook. ($750 value)

The Call to Joy in Transition
Cheryl C Brewster Business Intuitive, Mindset Coach & Speaker

Intuitive Consult/Akashic Reading to help navigate transition and support creativity in creating prosperity in all of life's major quadrants

Presentation Feedback
Danielle Benzon Voice and Speaking Coach

​Submit a video of you speaking. Within 72 hours I’ll send you some honest and constructive feedback tailored to your level of expertise. 

This feedback will include:
A list of what you’re doing right: strengths you can lean into.
A list of areas that you can improve.
Three actionable tips that you can apply to your next presentation.

Crafting Transformative Messages Course
Dave Howard eLearning Re-evolutionary

Your challenge as a marketer or educator is getting and keeping your audience’s attention

This course will help you to solve that by learning a proven formula to 'Create Engaging Audience Experiences'.

We've included three valuable surprise bonuses to help you jumpstart your audience engagement in 2022!

Learn How to Easily Manage Phone Photos
Debbie Flynn Photography Mentor

You know how you can’t find the photo you want on your phone.

In this enjoyable, 2 hour, online, live course you’ll quickly be inspired and understand how to manage your photos so photos will no longer go missing. Date: January 8, 2022 from 1 - 3 pm. 

Register at Regular $197 value. 

Intuitive Akashic Reading
DeeAnne Riendeau Owner

Join spiritual Muse and mentor, DeeAnne Riendeau on an adventure into your soul.  Uncover and clear non serving energy from past lives, awaken to your sacred gifts, deepen your purpose and allow love to pour into you.

Personalized Virtual Private Coaching Session
Denise Belisle Serenity Expert and Positive Intelligence Specialist

I am excited to gift you a personalized coaching session.

You will get to evaluate the strength of your saboteurs. You will be able to find solutions for a situation where you would like to see improvement in your life.

You deserve to take a moment for yourself and see how one session can perhaps change your life forever.

FREE Online Business Courses Bundle from Highwire Business Academy
Elena MacGregor Branding Expert

With this FREE bundle, you will get access to these 5 online courses for 1 year.

  • Write Proposals That Close Every Sale
  • The 2-Hour Marketing Plan To Jumpstart Your Leads
  • Hiring Top Performers To Build A Great Team
  • Maximize Your Corporate Brand To Attract Loyal Customers
  • Create Presentations That Generate Leads
Struggling With Sleepless Nights?
Hilary Samuel Sleep Expert

As a busy business owner, you juggle many different things during the day, your mind a-buzzing.

Then it’s hard to unwind when it comes time to get to sleep. 

Find out how to off your mind, relax and get to sleep.

Click here to start sleeping well, tonight!

44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Networking
Jackie Lapin Founder of SpeakerTunity

What if we could give you 44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stages, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Virtual Summits or Virtual Networking?

Get this and rocket your prospective client engagement with new, exciting and creative enticements!

53 Ways to Speak Your Customers' Language- Promo & Holiday Edition
Jessica Bennett Content Strategist

53  Ways to Speak Your Customers' Language- Promo & Holiday Edition

It's the most wonderful stressful time of the year is here!  If you prepare you can have a lucrative year. 

Download Promo & Holiday Subject Lines, social post prompt ideas, learn the 4 main personality types, subject lines to reengage old customers, subject lines for moms & product-based businesses & more. 


Let's go!



The Art of Prospecting! An Amazing Video Training
Jessica Koch International Speaker, Run a Virtual Assistant Membership Program, LinkedIn Trainer & Sales/Marketing Consultant

Research is key! Learn how to increase you chances with prospects and the tools to use!

Business Bookends: Wrap Up 2021, Get Ready for 2022!
Jill Knerr Founder

Join the Hey Taxi Founders for a 90 minute LIVE. interactive strategy session to review your 2021 business successes and challenges and get your PLAN for a more profitable 2022. 50+ page companion strategy guide included. USE COUPON CODE: 2021YE100

How to Build a Micro Learning System - Micro Learning Academy
Jon Taylor Video Broadcasting Specialist

This is our full MicroLearning System Academy to help you build your business through educational marketing.  A Micro Learning System can help you build your brand add value to differentiate your offer.

10 Step Guide to Plan and Write a Business Building Book
Kimberley Day Marketing and Media Specialist

In this 20 page interactive workbook you'll be walked through the steps to create an amazing book that will change your business forever! It's an easy-to-follow guide with space to write your answers. You'll learn exactly how to create the perfect book for your perfect client so that you can make a difference and share your expertise with the world!

60 Minute Coaching Session - Any Topic
Leigh Schutzky Certified Life / Mindset Coach

What's the value of an hour together? YES - I'll help you start improving your life, right during our session. This can be the most powerful hour of your week - believe in your future self and what's possible for you through the power of coaching.  Redeem by scheduling via the Calendly link.

Ultimate Guide to Feeling Energized Morning, Noon & Night
Melissa Deally Owner / Integrative Health Practitioner & Registered Health Coach

A comprehensive guide with easy to implement action steps in each section to help you regain your energy!

30-Minute Relationship Coaching Session - Free Chapter of my Book - First 10 People
Mike Stewart Mike Stewart Relationship Coach

In this 30-minute coaching session, you will learn tools that will empower you to communicate with your partner in a way that brings more freedom and self-expression into your relationship. You will also receive a FREE chapter of my book LEARN the 5 STeps To Recapture The Magic In Your Marriage.

Gardening With Kids Playbook with a Garden Discovery Call
Patrice Porter Founder, Course Creator

Beginners gardening guide.

  • Have youngsters creating abundance of fresh produce in a garden.
  • Experience the delight of sharing the miracle of growing - taking tiny seed and nurturing it into a mature food producing plant
  • Goes from choosing a gardening spot to bringing in the harvest. All done in a fun and inspiring way.

Book your call on Thank-you page

8 Steps to CRUSH Your Sales in 2022 & 15 min strategy call with Profit Coach Samantha Varner
Samantha Varner Founder

Does getting on the phone with a potential client feel like a mystery to you? I've got you. Sign up below to receive a complete breakdown on how to connect, deliver amazing value and land clients with these 8 steps.  FIRST 25 signups get a 15 min strategy call  to set your 2022 up for success!

Sopheia McMorris Executive Wisdom Mentor

This transformational training gives you clarity, focuses, and success strategies to up-level your life and build your desired lifestyle.  “To create your Secret Success Strategy Plan is the action plan for achieving your desires.” Implementing your plan increases your chances of success in creating the life you want.” How? You’re identifying your success strategy for natural and automatic success.



Find Your Formula™ E-Book and Consultation
Stacy Braiuca Technology Therapist™

Learning your life formula is a process - one that begins by figuring out how you want to feel in each of the 9 arenas. This system will show you where to begin, what steps to take, and how to dig up your own life formula. It's the only step-by-step procedure for creating great work & balance.

Your Virtual Event Checklist
Steve Eriksen Virtual Events Wizard

When you start doing virtual events, there's a lot of things to consider.

Whether you are participating in an event, or you're the host - you can use these tips to CRUSH IT!

Use the checklist to make sure you've covered all the bases, and set yourself up for SUCCESS with your virtual event.

The Masterclass Session Golden Ticket
Steve Gaston Founder

A Golden Ticket to the next LIVE Online Series of The Masterclass Sessions


Business Growth Bundle
Steven Kirch Business Growth Strategist and Coach of Coaches

This bundle includes two of our books: “Mind Your Profits” describes the primary strategies for business growth - getting more prospects, turning them into clients, and increasing your profits; "Mind Your Customers" digs into creating that consistent flow of sales that is at the heart of every growing business. The bonus "Conversion Equation Evaluator" will make your marketing message resonate.

1 Months FREE Networking Membership
Brian Morrison Business Networking Expert & Founder

BizSocial Networking are giving away 1 Months FULL MEMBERSHIP TRIAL to come and build relationships with our community 

5-DAY *Health in Mind, Heart, Body & Soul* Challenge
Michelle Marcicki Wellness Wonder Woman: Pilates++

Are you READY to START NOW..

Make CHANGES to HELP *YOU* be OPTIMAL in YOUR Health, Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition,
Self-Care & MindSpace?

Join our:
5-DAY *Health in Mind, Heart, Body & Soul* Challenge

& Find out HOW YOU can FeelFIT!
(Explore MindSpace, Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Gratitude & MORE)

(VIP/Paid Options Available
OR *FREE Xmas+NewYear's Gift Giveaway*)

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